Sunday, October 25, 2009

What I Was Up To Last Week

Hello, everyone. I hope you have had a great weekend. We were busy Saturday with a quick shopping trip with the girls and an afternoon football game for DS. It was a little cold to be sitting out, but with lots of layers, blankets, and hot chocolate, it didn't seem too bad. Sunday was just catch up day.

Last week was a very nice one. We had some beautiful weather early in the week. It ia amazing how much more energy I have when it is not dreary outside. I made good on my promise to myself to cut back flower beds in the fall instead of waiting until spring. Wow, that is a good feeling. I also planted tulip bulbs the girls and I picked up several weeks ago. I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but one package is for black tulips. I have never seen them but thought they would look nice with the red and white. I had to plant more this year because a ground mole must have eaten my bulbs last winter. I had very few blooms this past spring. My speed planting tip is to dig a big hole and drop about 8-10 bulbs in it and cover it up. Way quicker than one at a time, plus it gives more impact. I can't wait until spring to see them.

Another project I tackled last week, and I may try for more this week if the rain holds off, is spray painting my GW finds with a base coat of black. I can't spray the paint in the garage because of DH's car and it will be too cold outside soon. This way, I will have things primed and ready to go. Maybe that will inspire me a bit more. Here are a few things I worked on. I have 2 full boxes of things in the how things accumulate.

Speaking of GW. Our local store is in the process of opening up a larger store. It seems like it is taking forever, but it is to open sometime next month. I have been going to a couple of other TS lately. Things are really picked over, plus I feel I am getting more particular about what I pick up. I don't need everything. Here are a few things I have found recently. I found 2 of the candles--$2 a piece. The mug says Delaware, OH on the front so I just turn it around. The box is so ugly, I can't wait to redo it. The plate was only 55 cents. I think I did pretty well.

The kids carved pumpkins yesterday. It was nice enough to do it outside. Husky the cat decided to join the fun. He was intrigued by the little battery cutter. Notice the seed on his head.

Then he was in the leaf pile with DS. It looks like he is being choked...he wasn't too sure about that. He was willing to help with the wheelbarrow, however.

We also made caramel apples. I usually would use a homemade recipe for the caramel, but was never happy how they turned out. This year, I just bought the Kraft caramels. They have them now where they are unwrapped little caramel balls that melt in about 3 minutes. They turned out great and tasted really yummy. Sorry, there is no picture. We ate them too quickly.

Well, that's all for now. The weather this week is supposed to be warm again. They just changed the forecast--it was supposed to have been rainy. Good change!! Hopefully I can finish cleaning our bedroom and then get to work on some crafting. It seems the crafting plans always get put aside for all of the other non fun things. I really need to work more on making time for what I want to do instead of what I think has to be done. I think I may have posted that comment before. How do you all balance your everyday chores with getting all of your wonderful projects done? Maybe your tips will inspire me.

Have a great week.



  1. Melissa,

    I enjoyed all the pictures of the kids in the leaves and the kitty! I need to plant some bulbs too.


  2. Fun Post! I love the punkin carvin pics!
    I have been havin troubles leaving ya comments...
    I tried & tried to leave one on your 'curtains' post and couldn't! Hope this one sticks :)

    I have a link for cutains, they even carry some lovers knot valances...not that that's what ya have in mind, but I had a hard time finding them and ran across some on this site :)

    Have a wonderful week! Enjoy your 'indian summer' ;)

  3. the pumpkins on your header:) the tulip bulbs look wonderful and love the kitty "pushing" the wheelbarrow:)

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful week,,it has been lovely hee in Ohio... let's hope this weather last a little longer.

  5. Your kids' pumpkins turned out really cute. I remember my own kids having so much fun doing that. My daughter is artistic so she enjoyed the creative part, and my son loved getting to stick his hands in the gooey insides. It is wonderful that you think to take photos of those precious moments which go by so quickly. I had never heard of black tulips before your post. They probably will look stunning with the red and white ones. I hope you show us your garden in spring. Blessings.

  6. Can't wait to see all those makeovers. You got a good start on them and hopefully you can finish them inside. I know it's hard to craft when it's rainy/cold outside. I have a hard time finding the time to craft...I do it when my son is napping or after the boys go to bed. By that time I seem to tired. LOL

    Love the pumpkin carving photos. We hope to sneak in that activity this week!! Have a great day!

  7. sounds like a fun day to me was had by all. The kids did a great job at the pumpkins and Huskey did a great job supervising. The pumpkins look scarey great on the top of your blog. Very festive. Perfect.
    I love the picture of Huskey and the wheelbarrow. Looks like Huskey keeps you all on your toes.

  8. Carmel apples sound yummy! Puts me in the mood to make some. You have great finds there. Look forward to seeing the final pics


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