Thursday, August 19, 2010

Garage Sale Find and Corn Niblets

Hello everyone. Hope you are having a great day.  The temps have cooled down a bit and the windows are open!!!  We are getting closer with the remodel being done. The new doors are all done and just need to be hung along with the "new" old floorboard and trim.  I'm getting antsy, because the house is in disarray and nothing is being done.  Hopefully next week.  I guess I can look at it this way.....I don't have too much to clean when there is nothing sitting out!!

I wanted to show you what I found at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago.  They sell antiques and have one every year.  It's the same place I let the "perfect" cupboard go because I had to go home and think about it.  Dumb.......I know!!  This is a doll case with missing glass.  I like it better that way.  I know I'm raising my girls right when one said how neat a crock would look in it!!  I just brought it home, cleaned it a bit and put a coat of tung oil on it.  The tung oil changed it completely and I love it more than before. 

I have added a new offering to my selling blog.  It is a set of beeswax corn cob niblet bowl fillers.  Stop on over and check them out if you get time. They will look great in your fall displays.

I really need to go and get something accomplised today. It's been one of those ADD days. Maybe after the kids go to school next week, things will get more "normal".  Whatever that might be.  Have a great evening and thanks for stopping by.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Busy, Busy and New Offerings

Good afternoon.  It has been a crazy last couple of weeks and I am just now getting around to having time to post.  I have been busy making some new offerings for my selling blog.  Here is one of them....a Pineberry Lane pattern. Stop on over and see the other items. 


We also celebrated our son's 12th birthday.   See goof ball Emily in the background!!

We are STILL working on the remodeling.  After much debating over colors, I chose to go with tan on all the walls.  It took forever to find the color we liked, but decided on Hearth Rug from Menard's.  It is a soft color that seems to change as the light hits it. I love it!!   We still have all the trim work to have done. They are hanging doors today.  I do think the worst of the mess is done.  Yeah!!

Next, we had a garage sale last weekend to go with the US 127 sale from Ohio to Alabama.  We had many travelers from many different states stop by.  It was really fun to hear some of them tell their tales.  We were able to get rid of alot of, treasures.  Next year, I'm going to travel to some of them myself!!

Finally, the last thing to keep up busy was a pageant in Columbus last weekend.  Our daughter Emily was involved.  There were 200 girls in her age!!   She was not a top finalist, but she did earn a 3rd runner up award for the talent portion. We aren't sure how many exactly competed in talent, but think it was around 75 girls.  She did an awesome job in the talent and also the rest of the competitions.  What an experience for her. We are all so very proud of her. 

Emily with Alex and Tim.  They were very patient supporters over a very long weekend. Thanks, guys!!

Right before showtime with her Daddy. He was her escort!!

Em and me.

Thanks for stopping by today. I appreciate your time.  I'll be back soon. 

Take care.