Friday, February 3, 2012

It's Getting Closer.....

The island is in.  It doesn't look as big in the's 84" by 41".  Three of the sides have overhang as we are getting stools for it.  I better get them soon because I am getting used to standing all around it working.  The cupboard door on the left is actually a trash pull out.  I've only thrown trash away once under the sink where the old one used to be.  Hard habit to break.  This is really how I had envisioned it to look.  I wanted it to look like a piece of furniture.  The square legs and the arched bottom give it that look.  There is a hidden toe kick behind that about 3" so I don't have to worry about everything getting shoved under there or cleaning the dust!!  Not that there is dust in this house!!  Hahaha

Here is a close up of the counter top.  It is still hard to see.  It's sandstone by Corian.  It is tan with little flecks of golden brown, black and white. I'm a neutral kind of person so it seemed like the right choice.  The black picks up the appliances, and the golden brown picks up the cupboard color.
Many of you have commented on the floor.  It is a laminate from Mannington.  It is their Restoration Collection.  It's the Oak pattern in Timber.  It looks just like hardwood complete with the grooves between the planks.  I never thought I would want the grooves because they are dust collectors.  They told me they are more rounded than they used to be for easier cleaning.  I usually run the vacuum over it everyday anyway because it gets so yucky.  I have used a broom on it some and it seems to clean well with the broom as well. It has a nicer dull finish that I like.

Yesterday they were putting floor trim on and getting the windows back in.  Hopefully today they will finish all of the trim and we only have to wait on the electrician to finish.  While this has gone quickly, I'm tiring of people in the house all the time!!

Guess that's all for today.  Be back soon with more updates.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Good morning.  Things here are beginning to slow down and are getting finished up.  Appliances were put in on Monday and I was able to use the new oven last night. We had to make some chocolate chip cookies to test it out!!  Love it!!  I have always had a wall oven so this one will take getting used to.  Our wall oven fan always ran and this one is so quiet I'm afraid I'll forget that it's on!!

We originally were not going to get a new fridge, but decided since the one we had was close to 13 years old, we would just replace it.  We feel so spoiled now with ice and water in the door.  Maybe since it's so convenient, I will give up the Mt. Dew habit..........hmmmmmm.....maybe not!  The pantry is on the right of the cupboards.  These cupboards are looking so light in the pics. They are a bit darker.
We had to take the windows out and have them sanded and stained.  Luckily it has been warm here so the insulation they put in has worked really well.  The counter top is Corian sandstone color.  I will get a more close up shot next time. They set the island in last night so those pics will be coming also.  It changed the whole look of the room. 
It's all the small finishing work now....trim, molding, knobs and handles.  A bit of electrical yet also. We are having outlets on the island and with it being a movable island, they have to put the outlet in the floor under it.  I think that's all for now. Be back soon with more.  Thanks for stopping by!!