Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Gatherings.....

Here are just a few of the fall gatherings I have around the house.  These pumpkins are from Jo-Ann's.  Don't they look so real??

I think he's more cute than scary, don't you?

This is where our chest freezer used to be before we remodeled the kitchen/utility room last year. I am so not missing that big ugly thing in the room!!!

The larger broom in the bowl was a birthday present from my friend Ann last year.  I just love it.  I stitched the pin keep a couple of years ago.

My little black tree with mini orange lights and pumpkin ornies!!

I haven't been outside to decorate yet.  We had corn all around us and I never cut any for a corn shock this year.  I think I was just tired of looking at short yucky corn stalks an I just wanted them gone.  I don't even have any pumpkins yet.  That is this weekend's job.  Here is a "pile" of kitties trying to stay warm.  I have a dog, um, cat house, right out back for them.  Apparently it's more fun to pile up on each other to stay warm!!  Crazy kitties!!

Here are a few of my new blackened beeswax goodies I have in my Etsy shop. Stop by if you get the chance.


Thanks for stopping by. Take care until next time.