Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Help for Curtains!!!

Hello. Because it was so bright and sunny and warm here today, I decided to take down my bedroom curtains and wash them. While ironing them to put them back up, I really got to looking at them. Yuck is all I can say. I made them several years ago to save $$$. They are faded around the edges where I didn't line them, and it seems they have shrunk some as well. I can't get them to iron flat...they are all whopper-jawed (don't know if that is how that word is spelled or not!!). I have seen so many of you with great prim curtains, I would love to know where you get them. I have a few catalogs, but new sources would be great. Thanks so much!!



  1. Why not fabric cover a roller shade and use your valance.
    They are sure cheap at walmart...and you just apply the fabric with spray adhesive.
    It does make a great statement...plus it blocks the cold in the winter and heat in the summer, when they are inside mounted!
    Works for me!

  2. Wow Janene great Idea....Im sitting here now looking at old plain roller blinds hanging in my office and thinking I need fabric!!

  3. I need new curtains myself, so I can't offer you much help. I am anxious to hear what others recommend though, and to see what you decide on. Blessings.

  4. Actually, I really like them! I'd keep them!

  5. The Country House online has some really great ones. We sell them in our store and order them for lots of our customers if we don't have the ones that they want. Sometimes they are a little high though. I had another site that I knew of before but I have totally forgot what it was. I can't remember if I found it on my website plugboard or where it was but if I find it again, I'll sure let you know. I personally like to get mine from the salvation army and coffee stain them or if they don't have the ones I want I look through their sheet pile and make some from those if I find a good prim/country set. White ones work well stained and then appliqued with a nice star or crow on them. OH, and also... if you do happen upon a good set of prim cutrains there but there isn't enough for what you need them for. Take that trusty white one and stitch a strip of the prim set to it for a bottom or down the side.

  6. I need new ones too, love the suggestions here:)

  7. Piper classics has a lot of curtains, Circa Home living has real colonial one - you can google their websites, and here are some other sites I have bookmarked. www.windowtoppers.com, www.the1760house.com, www.yourstyleunlimited.com

  8. I got mine from Victorian Heart, they are lined & they have alot of different homespuns to choose from. I love them.

  9. Melissa,

    I'm in the curtain market myself. Here's where I'm looking country house, piper classics, and homespun productions all online.

    Good luck,

  10. I'm not sure what look you're going for,but I bought some plain tan curtains at Walmart for 20.00 a pair. I get more compliments on those curtains than any I have ever owned. They look good, wash great and you can't beat the price.
    I hate to spend a lot of curtains because I like to change them often.
    You can get a look at them on my web sites photo gallery www.thekeepingroom.me...they are pictured in the bedroom.

  11. I honestly still like to make mine. Lining them is so easy by making them like a pillow case then sewing a pocket in them. If you see the Country Sampler magazine though pick it up and look in the back for ideas and people who sell them.


  12. Melissa-I've ordered from superjacks.com and the Country Porch. Do a google for Park Design curtains-you'll find lots of great sites!

  13. Hi,
    Here are two places to check out. Kentucky Roots has some awesome early colonial curtains that she makes to order. Click on the "goode and proper" album. I haven't ordered yet, but plan to very soon.


    And this lady is a seller on ebay. She goes by primitivekeepings. I have bought curtains for my living room and bedrooms from her. She does a great job and very reasonable. If you don't find what you are looking for in her listings, you can special order.


    Hope this helps!


Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate it!! Have a wonderfully prim day!!~~Melissa