Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some Americana and Make-overs

Hello. I hope you had a restful holiday. We didn't do much over the long weekend. Just relaxed and made some homemade ice cream. Yummy--it's officially summer!!! I spent part of Monday working on some projects. I did paint my cupboard but do not like the color. I tried to save some money by buying black paint at Ace instead of my tried and true Olde Century. Well, black is not black and we all think it looks blue or grey depending on the light. So......yesterday I ordered some Olde Century so by next weekend, it should be done.

I painted an old chair that was very weathered. It was white and didn't show up against the garage. I painted it navy and made an Americana display with my white verbena and burgundy barrel.

Next, I painted a little chest I found for $1. It wasn't really much of a make-over as it was just plain with a little Amish couple stenciled on top. (Raise your hand if you had some of these in your home!!) I'm sure most of us did. Don't you wonder if in 10 years we will look back at crows and laugh??!! I painted it navy also and put it on my craft table. It will be nice to hold little things.

Lastly, I painted a little box that began its life with big sunflowers on it. I loved the shape so out came the burgundy paint. I stacked it on top of a TS box. I like the contrast so I didn't paint the bottom one. It is on a stand in our bedroom.

Well, have to go for now. I need to pick the girls up from softball practice and get ready for an academic banquet. They have about an hour to make the transformation. Thanks for stopping by. Take care.



  1. great makeovers....i love the chair!

  2. Ahhh Paint! It works wonders and brings such new life to things that look hideous!! LOL
    I love every single piece...But mostly the piece with the drawers.
    Have a wonderful week...and keep painting!

  3. I love all of your makeovers, Melissa. I especially love the chair and barrel display.
    I remember the amish couples very well, along with the geese! lol

    Have a great evening,

  4. Melissa,

    Everything looks really good. I like all the makeovers. I do sometimes wonder about things coming and going. I'm trying to be more selective these days. I do like crows though! LOL!


  5. Love the Americana display and the little cupboards turned out so nice.
    Have a great day.

  6. I have a chair exactly like yours... I never think to paint it in blue... and your pic looks awesome. Nice idea for summer decor...

  7. Everything looks great! I want to do a chair for the front porch, if I ever come across one. Thank you for sharing your pictures. :)


  8. I have two chairs just like the blue ones here except they are painted orange...that's how I bought them. I really like the blue. I think I will change that orange to like a colonial blue if I can find such a color. thanks for the idea. Have a great day!


  9. Great Makeovers!!


Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate it!! Have a wonderfully prim day!!~~Melissa