Thursday, May 14, 2009

Garage Sale Goodies!!!!

Hi. I just got home not long ago from hitting a few garage sales. You know how you have to go to several that are really bad just to make up for the few that are really good? Well, I've had my share of the bad ones and today I hit a couple of good ones. They weren't even ones I had scoped out in the paper. I just went to town a different way today and saw signs. Lucky me. I was so excited to get home and post what I found. The first thing I found was this old quilt. Now, pink and greeen aren't my favorite colors, but they are light enough and there is enough cream in it that it will fit in okay. It is in kinda tough shape so I haven't decided whether to just fold it so the good side shows or use it as a cutter. I don't have any projects in mind for it right now so I may just display it. I got it for $10. Yeah!!!!!

Here it is....

The next thing I bought were two new, unopened bags of fiberfill for $1.25. I love when I find that so cheap cuz I hate to spend money on something you can't even see!!! Then I found this "lovely" birdhouse. It was screaming at me to take it home and make it over. I just had to help it out. Not sure what colors to make it yet. I will have to think about it.

I am saving the best for last. I just LOVE this. I thought it was just plain when I picked it up. I didn't notice the date right away, but how PERFECT??!! And just how much did I pay for this little beauty? Well......$1. How cool was that? I haven't found a home for it yet, but it will go anywhere. Are you ready?

Well, I need to go put all of my groceries away. They are all over the kitchen right now cuz I just had to show all of you my goodies right away. Thanks for stopping by and until next time, take care.



  1. Melissa ~What truly wonderful finds. You struck gold, girl.

  2. I wish I could be so lucky. Great finds.


  3. struck paydirt! Gets me in the mood to do a little yard selling this weekend! Make sure to show us how you paint up the bird house! ~~Annie

  4. Love the birdhouse it's different with the three holes in the front, be sure to show a pic I know it's going to look great all primed up.

    The pewter mug for a 1.00 is one great find!

  5. Great finds! I love the quilt and can't imagine finding it for only $10! What a deal! I wish I could get as lucky to find some stuff like that.

    Take Care,

  6. I need to go to some garage sales....Im itching to get out but no one here seems to be into it yet! Great finds!

  7. I'm jealous! Haven't gotten to any sales yet this year, guess I'm going to have to get somebody to work for me so I can get out there! Great finds - good for you!!! Dawn

  8. What great finds! Maybe I should go a different way to the grocery store...LOL

  9. H Melissa - well your finds are just perfect and I would keep the quilt folded and displayed maybe on a hutch/cupboard shelf or on a stool, someplace where you can look at it now and then to get the beauty from it before cutting it's really pretty.


  10. Oh what a GREAT find on that pewter mug! I have one of those but I didn't pay a dollar for mine:O(.. LOl Great stuff ya got!


Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate it!! Have a wonderfully prim day!!~~Melissa