Thursday, March 5, 2009

Progress Being Made and a Redo

Hello. Oh, my it has been so long since I last posted. I have been busy trying to get something accomplished and I am reporting that we are getting there. The new windows are all in, stained and varnished or painted, and all the trim put back on. They are done working inside the house. Yeah, no more dust and mess!!!! Although I think the layer of dust added a nice prim touch to the house. With all of the dirt floors they used to have, they had to have had dust, right?? We have most of the painting in the utility room done--windows, cupboards,molding. I am waiting on the floor trim primer to dry right now and I have three doors to do when all of the outside work is done. I say we because DH has joined in and helped. I think he was getting tired of my slow pace. I am glad to have his help. When we have finished the utility room, I will post some pictures. Outside, they are very close to beginning the siding. I didn't realize all of the little jobs that need to be done before.

I have stopped at a couple of thrift stores recently. These are a couple of my finds. Pretty, huh?? I have painted them both navy and antiqued the cutting board with Briwax. I haven't done anything else with the tissue box yet. Briwax was very different to work with. For those of you who use it, what are some tips? Can it be used on something that has been painted and sanded or does it work better if there is no paint? Also, how long does it have to dry before I buff it? I am impatient so I was buffing almost immediately. It turned out well and I am happy with it. Just didn't know if there were tips to make it easier next time.
Anyway, here is the after of the cutting board. It is kinda dark, but my flash made the picture way too bright. This is in the corner of my kitchen. I have a small kitchen so there are not too many areas for displaying things besides the counter top. Everything is on top of a 20 gallon crock my parents gave to us. The slaw cutter, tin ladle, and wooden were all auction and garage sale finds. My friend Ann from A Hole in The Basket Primitives used her DH's drill to drill holes in my candle. I then rolled it in darkened beeswax and added battery tea lights. I think the cutting board has found a home--for now. Never know when it will feel like moving.
Well, I hear floor trim calling me. Better get to it so I can cross that off my today's to-do list. Take care. Thanks for stopping by!!~~Melissa


  1. Melissa~You can use that Briwax on painted, stained or unfinished wood. It is great stuff, don't you think?
    I don't wait at all! I apply to the whole piece, and then take a flour sack dish towel to buff and polish!
    Your cutting board and that candle are amazing!
    I am now looking for cutting boards...They look so great clustered together!

  2. Love your cutting Melissa!
    It looks great in that corner with all your other prim goods!
    Love that big ole candle too :)
    I don't know of any 'tips' when using the's really just up to you-and how you like to use it! Painted, sanded, unpainted...just go CRAZZZZZZZZZZY :)
    Have a great day.

  3. Melissa,

    Your TS goods are great. I love how you can take something so ugly and turn it into something wonderful. Nothing like making it come alive. I am definitely into cutting boards right now. I have two of them that I re-finished. One was just one that I bought at Michael's and the other was a TS goodie. The one I bought at Michael's was just something for me to practice on and it turned out great. I am very pleased. I am sorry that I can't help you with the Briwax. I used the Minwax Gel Stain and really like was so easy to use and it turned out great on my new cutting board. It just gave it a whole new look.

    Thanks for sharing your re-do's.


  4. The 3 wick turned out nice! I didn't tell you that I bought one at Walmart after Christmas for next to nothing - it's green, which won't matter after I blacken it. It's still sitting in the bag! Let me know if I should buy Briwax or stick to the gel stain. ~Ann

  5. I couldn't believe that I ran across your blog today and you were talking about Briwax. I used it for the first time today. I loved it. If you get any tips pass them on to me. I posted my redos on my blog today.


Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate it!! Have a wonderfully prim day!!~~Melissa