Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Tulip and Bunny Sampler

Hello. Hope you all are doing well and it is nice outside for you. It is sunny but cold here--still beats cloudy and cold!! They have started to put siding on the house. It looks nice. I'm sure they will be just as glad to be done as we will. They put a new front door in a couple of days ago. We still had the original skeleton key door and I absolutely loved that door. Even though wind and sometimes snow would find their way in around it. Anyway, I couldn't part with it so I had my husband put it in the basement He wasn't exactly thrilled but did it anyway. Someday I may come up with an idea for it. Don't know what that might be. The new door is nice and is very airtight--it's just not my old door!!

I have been working on a tulip and bunny spring sampler while waiting for my girls at dance. It was a freebie at Patternmart and it is by Primitive Stitchin' by Shelley Auen. I stitched it on osnaburg and put it in one of my garage sale frames. All I had to do was rub a little Briwax on it and it was all set to go. Can't beat that!!

Because it is awfully small, I put it on my little shelf in the kitchen. I have a small Maple City Pottery pitcher/mug on it as well as four mini pottery pieces. I probably should have them somewhere a little safer, but I like how it looks. That is all the spring stuff I have out. Hopefully I will get some more made and out as time permits with all this painting and redoing. It seems like I get a whole lot of nothing done some days.

I have given Briwax another shot. I am still not sure if I'm sold on it. It seems the gel stain goes much more quickly. Although I do like how it makes the wood look and feel. I found a cutting board at a garage sale and have it on my stove with some prim goodies. It was just gel stained but today I put some Briwax on it. It made it look much richer I think. I would love a big noodle board to put there but knowing that most of my family would grumble every time they had to move it, I will stick with my little one for now!!
Lowes was just here this morning delivering a new washer and dryer. Not our choice to buy them now but the ones we had were going bad and would die on us here soon. We chose a front load washer this time with matching dryer. We have never bought a set--always whichever one we needed. We went with black to match our kitchen appliances. So far after 2 loads, I really like it. They say you either love them or hate them. My DH told me if I hated it we would replace it---in 10 years. Isn't he sweet!! Does anyone know about painting appliances? We have a large deep freezer in the utility room that is white. We would like to paint it black to match everything else. Is there paint available for this?
Well, better go for now. We have a busy weekend with our 4th grader having 2 days of basketball tourneys. Hopefully we can squeeze in some cupboard painting in between. Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for stopping by!! ~~Melissa~~


  1. I love the prim shelf with the bunny sampler, which is so neat by the way!
    Can you buy Briwax anywhere in stores? I saw it once at an antique store for sale but that was in NC:)
    I can't help you on the paint for the freezer but can't you paint it like they would a car?
    Have a great weekend I bet your house is really looking good:)

  2. I love your little sampler ~ love Shelley's patterns. It looks perfect on your shelf with your pottery. I like your gathering on the board, too. They do make appliance paint & I have seen on the internet somewhere how to do it but can't remember where. Try googling it. Have a wonderful weekend, Melissa.

  3. I love the sampler! I just found your blog and enjoyed reading about your house. We are also renovating an older home a little at a time. I have the old front door as well and mine has the old door bell you twisted to ring! Im not sure what will happen when I get to that part!I might not be able to let it go!

  4. Hi Melissa,

    Everything looks great!! I was searching for your e-mail address, but couldn't find it on your blog. If you e-mail me then I can tell you where we go shopping at in Amish Country. It would be GREAT if we could get all of us prim blogging gals from Ohio together for a weekend trip to Amish Country. They have some GREAT stores and I think they are reasonable too.

    My e-mail address is

    Thanks, Lisa (Prims From Above)

  5. Hi melissa, love everything on your blog and look forward to seeing your cupboards!! We had a Car Repair shop paint our refrigerater 21 years ago and it still looks good. I think we paid 100.00 at that was so worth it because it looked like new and the color was right for our new home.


Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate it!! Have a wonderfully prim day!!~~Melissa