Monday, March 30, 2009

Old Fashioned Soap Balls

Good afternoon, ladies. It is sunny and very pretty today-a little cold but the sun makes up for it. My attention span has been challenged today for some reason. Do any of you feel this has happened to you? I have such good intentions to get something done and before I know it, I am so far way from my plans I can't find my way back!! All it took today was a trip to A Primitive Place craft tip section.
There are several "recipes" listed. Primitive soap balls caught my attention today. I haven't even been looking for this little accessory for my house, but soon caught myself gathering ingredients-a bar of soap, oatmeal, and water. I added cinnamon oil and some ground cinnamon to make them smell a little better. Within just minutes, I had them finished and setting in my bathroom. Way too easy!!!! I can't take credit for making them, so go check out how to do it for yourselves. Have fun!

Over the weekend, I went to a little shop close by and came home with this cool bucket. I think it will look nice on one of our porches this summer.

I also got out the few Easter decorations I have this weekend. I am still in the process of finding just the right spot for them. Hopefully in the next couple of days I will post them. I am also working on one so hope to have that finished.
The only workers we have left around the house are the masons. We have a field stone front porch and much of the outside around the foundation is also field stone. All of it was getting badly cracked so we are having them fix it up. I think they only have a couple of more days. I keep waiting for the scaffolding and people to be out of the way for pictures. Stay tuned....
Well, the kids will soon be home and the "second shift" will start. Better go get back to what I was doing. If only I could remember what that was.......
Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful evening.


  1. Definitely going to have to check out that recipe. I have been wanting some primitive looking soap for my new bathroom.

    Have a great afternoon!!


  2. That sounds like something even I could do!! Im going to check out the recipe! Thanks for posting the link...cant wait to see pics of your renovations!

  3. Hi Melissa...
    Thanks for sharing the link...I had bought
    some in my sister's shop here while back to see
    if I could get some made but wasn't for sure about
    how to make it for I do thanks to you...
    Hope you have a wonderful prim day...
    Prim Blessings...

  4. They look them in the bowl with the cheese cloth:) I'll have to try them if they are as easy as you said:)

    Have a great day, we are having the same weather...sunny but chilly.

  5. It's me again..just so you know you can do them with herbs too and they smell wonderful...have some in my kitchen next to my sink...
    Prim Blessings...

  6. Hi Melissa!
    Holy cow....I just made some of those prim soaps too!!! :) Yours look wonderful, and I really like how you've displayed them.


  7. Melissa,
    Love your prim soap balls & how you've displayed them. I bought the ivory soap but haven't made them yet.

  8. Hi Melissa, Love the patriotic bucket - so prim. I wanted to comment about your kitchen a few times but this pop up window wouldn't work. Hope it does today. Love the color of your kitchen. It came out great!! It must be so nice to work in it now!!

  9. I like those Old fashioned soap balls and I love the bucket!Have a nice evening Melissa!

  10. Good morning Melissa- thanks for the link to the soap balls recipe...I love her site also.
    Your soap turned out sooo nice. I'm going to have to try it as well when I get some free time (what ever that

    Hugs, Karen


Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate it!! Have a wonderfully prim day!!~~Melissa