Thursday, February 5, 2009

To "B" or Not To "B"

Hello, everyone. Hope you have had a good day so far. I am posting the results of my homework. Linda from Behind My Red Door challenged me to list some of my favorite things that begin with the letter B. I was a bit stumped at first but soon discovered that I had many. So here they are in no particular order, except of course, the first one!!

1.Bubba, Be, and Bo-nicknames. Bubba is Tim and he is 10. Be is Emily (middle) and she turned 13 the day this picture was taken. Bo is Alex and she is soon to be 15. They are a great blessing to our lives. Even when they drive me crazy!!

2. Bowls. Old wooden ones are my favorite but I also love yellowware and old blue ones.

3. Berries. I love how they brighten up any spot they are put into. These are in my bathroom and the candle makes a cozy night light.

4. Boxes. I love to find them at garage sales and auctions and fix them up for use either inside or out. This one may be put away soon. It isn't as cute now as it was in November. Before the yucky winter!!

5. Old Baskets!!!!

4. Braided rugs. I looked a long time until I finally found this one. It seems they always throw in a color or two that I don't like. This one is perfect!!

5. Bowl Fillers. JoJo has claimed this one and doesn't like anything put into it!!

6. Burgundy and blue. My favorite prim colors.

7. Blogging--of course!!

8. Bulbs. Not only the ones that bring beautiful flowers each spring but the silicone ones that decorate all the corners of our home.

9. Boots--they keep my feet dry when I take the garbage out. Oh, how I wish for a garbage disposal this time of year.

10. Barns. I really like when they are all fixed up. The stories they could tell.

11. Ballet. My girls both take dance and while I prefer jazz and tap, I love the calmness of watching them dance.

12. Blankets. Who doesn't like to curl up in a warm blanket when it is freezing out!!

13. Bargains!!

Well, that is my list. I would love to see some of yours as well. If you would like a letter, please let me know. I need to go for now and take the girls to dance class. Have a great night. Thanks for stopping by!!!



  1. You done good!! I love them all. And my DD danced from age 3 through her freshmen year in college. She took tap, jazz, ballet, and a few others and competed for years. I loved watching her!!

  2. Melissa,

    "B" suited you well because you came up with some great ones! My daughter does ballet, jaz and tap too.

    I found you through Janae, Cozy Coop Corner. I'll come back to visit again!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate it!! Have a wonderfully prim day!!~~Melissa