Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy February

Hello. I can't believe it has been a week already since I last posted. It seemed like every time I was going to come back and do it, something came up. Oh, well. You all know how that is. I have been busy with several projects in the last week. First, after seeing all the wonderful pictures of your beautiful, well organized, peaceful, relaxing "blog spaces", I looked around mine and went YUCK!!!! So I started in on organizing. I took all of my Create and Decorate-there were alot of them--and tore out the patterns that I really loved and filed them all by month. This freed up one entire filing cabinet drawer. Plus now I know exactly where to look. It might even be fun to look for patterns now. Plus, I shouldn't get too sidetracked.

After going through all of the other patterns I had and filing them under their respective season and/or craft type, I moved on to the scrapbook supplies. I sorted what I didn't want and will take them to church when we have our scrap days and see if anyone else would like them. I took all of the paper I had and put it into an old tool box that I picked up at a garage sale this summer. I fits perfectly under my crafting table and takes up less space than my previous storage solution-a rubbermaid container. Plus it looks way more prim. Then I added a crock beside my table to use as a trash can. Again, better than the old yucky can I had that was a misfit from another room. Once I get my room the way I would like, I will post some pictures. I hope the picture of the tool box doesn't show up more than once. I was having a little trouble with the adding photo feature!!

The next project I finally finished was the dance signs in my girls' rooms. DH hung them for us last night. They turned out pretty well. I will never again attempt a project like this. It did not go smoothly at all. All I can say is they are done!!! I used lettering from Uppercase Living, frames from Michaels, and duckcloth for the backing. The top one has black letters and frame with duckcloth that I painted white. The bottom one has chocolate brown letters, white frame, and the duckcloth in the natural color.

I also finished one of the stitcheries I was working on. I am in the process of painting the frame now and will post when it's done. I now have some homework to do. Linda from Behind My Red Door assigned me the letter B to list things that I love. I have really had to do some thinking. My next post will feature these items. There are actually alot more than what I thought.

Thanks for taking time to stop by. I truly appreciate it. Have a wonderful evening and take care.

Sorry for the long gap at the end of this post. Don't know what I did wrong.


  1. Those signs look amazing! Well worth the effort you put into them!
    The reason you have such a gap is because at the end of your post, in the creating stage, you need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, and then start backspacing until you come up to the end of they typing! It has worked for me! Hope this helps!!
    Looking forward to the letter "B".

  2. Those dance signs look really nice! I can't wait to see your blog space when you get it finished. I really need to organize my scrapbooking stuff,too. Yours looks great stored in that old wood box ! Have a great night !

  3. Looking forward to seeing your blogspace after all of your hard work. Do you want to come organize my stuff? LOL. Love the signs.


  4. I love using old things to organize! Can't wait to see the rest!

  5. I sure have to start organizing too before the nice weather gets here.

    Love the signs you did also!
    Have a great evening,

  6. I just came across your blog, Love it!!
    Tracey xxx

  7. HI! Glad you liked my blog! I am following yours now too. Love your prim stuff! ~Terry


Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate it!! Have a wonderfully prim day!!~~Melissa