Friday, February 13, 2009

Help With Painting Kitchen Cupboards

Hello!!! I am in need of some expert advice from all of you wonderfully talented ladies out there. I am in the process of painting my kitchen cupboards They have previously been painted with an oil base paint. I am now using a latex paint. When I contacted Old Century Colors, they told me I would need to mix the paint with a bonder to make it adhere better. I have done that and have painted the insides only to this point. The paint is dry, but I can take my nail and scrap new paint off. Is it just not cured yet? Have any of you had similiar situations? I could use any tips you may want to offer. I want to make sure it is going to work before I invest all this time. Have a wonderful day. ~~Melissa


  1. Hi, Melissa
    I just did mine a couple of weeks ago and I sanded all of mine before I put any paint on and I didn't have any problems. I didn't use any bonder either, but mine didn't have that oil base paint on them. Good luck.

  2. I agree with should lightly sand or I use something called "Liquid Sandpaper"...this is found at hardware stores.....before doing any painting....then I would even use a good primer like bullseye 1-2-3 or even kilz....then paint...this will ensure your paint to adhere...also, paint really does not fully cure for 21 days!!!, I always careful for a while....but not saying you can't use items painted...just takes that long to fully cure!

  3. Good Luck with your cupboards. I have some plain old oak cupboards and want to do mine, but I am so afraid to (lol). Can't wait to see finished pictures.

    ~ Lisa

  4. Melissa ~
    I used a brush on mine and did 2 coats and no, no brush lines. They are on my blog if you want to check them out. In the pictures I hadn't finished distressing or painting them all. Good luck.

  5. Hi Melissa-

    I agree, ya do have to sand them first. You shouldn't need a bonding agent...I did my cabinets and just sanded them really good, then painted (I didn't use a primer first-that's up to you tho)
    always remember: latex can go over oil...but OIL cannot go over latex! :)
    It prolly just wasn't 'cured' when you scratched it :) You're just too impatient girl! LOL!! Give it time!
    Good luck with those cabinets!!
    Can't wait to see 'em!!

    Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Valentines day!


  6. Melissa, I am new at blogland and enjoying surfing the blogs and that is how I found you. I just had my whole downstairs re-painted by a professional. My kitchen cabinets were colonial blue and I went to a khaki. We also used oil based paint first time but wanted to use latex this time. You need to use Kiltz {odor-free] for your first coat and then go with your new color. The kiltz is your bonder which you have to have painting latex over oil.Youu can paint oil over latex but CANNOT paint latex over oil unless you use bonding agent or sand which would definitely be a lot of work. It does take a while for the paint to completely cure so don't get upset if you have to touch up a spot on a cabinet that you use a lot. I just had to touch up cabinet that has my trashcan in it..Results should be good when completed so go ahead and get started so you can sit back and enjoy!!!!


Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate it!! Have a wonderfully prim day!!~~Melissa