Friday, June 11, 2010

What I've Been Up To & Log Cabin Soaps

Hello.  I hope you are all having a great day so far.  I should be outside working on some yard work decided to stay inside the the air and share some of what I have been up to.  It has been crazy since the kids have been home and everyone adjusts to their summer schedules. I have had a little more time to craft since they are home and some of my daily work has become their chores.  (Yeah!!)  The first item I have done is this little cupboard I bought at GW.  At first, I just painted over it and then sanded.  Well.....I don't know what industrial type white paint they used, but it turned out awful!!!  So, out came the stripping gel and gloves.  I finally got it down to bare wood and then painted, sanded, and stained it. It was worth the extra effort!!


 I need to find something else to put into it, but this will work for now.  The next project was a set of wooden salad bowls I found last summer at a garage sale.  I just painted, sanded, and stained them. 

Here is where I put them both.  They are on top of an old blanket chest DH bought me before we were married.  I have never checked into the markings on the front, but we outbid an antique dealer for it so they must mean something. I wish I could store things in it, but it is very musty!!

The next thing I redid was this little table. I had a large crock in the corner of our  kitchen that I wanted to use for a hamper, so when I found this table I knew it would take the crock's place in the kitchen.  Here it is before.  Notice the same industrial white paint.  Again, it had to be stripped before it was painted.  I love the 20 gallon crock as a hamper too!!

  Here are a few little settings I have around the house for summer.

Lastly, I finally remembered to cut and dry my yarrow this year. I moved it a couple of years ago to a sunnier place, and it really had a lot of blooms this year.  I just filled an old crock with it.

I wanted to share a new website with you also.  My friend Lori has started making her own soaps. She and her husband live in an old log cabin they moved and reassembled.  Please stop over to Log Cabin Soaps and check out all they have to offer. 

That's all for tonight.  We have our town's parade tomorrow in which both our girls are in.  One is marching and the other riding in the royalty float.  She had to hand over her title of Jr. Miss last night. She has had a fun year and will miss it.   Hopefully after that,  I can get out and plant my broom corn and pumpkins.  It is very late, but we have had so much rain.  The tornadoes you may have heard about last weekend in Ohio were just about 30 minutes from us.  There were many homes and a school destroyed, and five people were killed.  It is hard when it is somewhere so close.  Keep those families in your prayers.    I also have some flax stared inside that I want to plant outside. Thought I would give that a shot this year. 

Take care and have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Love all your projects!! I'm still planting stuff too. Flax is easy to grow by the way.
    It can stop storming in Ohio, too scary.

  2. Hey the projects all look great! Can't wait for this move to be over so I can again do some projects and not worry about moving!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and the complimwnts on the new house are appreciated. The new house is in West Unity I know you asked and I never got around to answer so sorry! Hope you have a good time at the parade tomorrow, we are going to pick strawberries! Yumm-o!!

  3. I always get such good ideas from your blog! I'm shopping in the junk shops today; I hope to find some good stuff like I've seen here!

  4. You did a great job on your redos!!!! Love the dried yarrow too.


  5. All of your make-overs came out great!! I love them all! I wish I could find some things like that at our local GW. Good finds are very rare there.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Melissa,

    Have you tried putting charcoal (like from your grill) in the chest for awhile? I've heard that will absorb the smell. You did a great job on your makeovers. LOVE the crock with the yarrow in it!



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