Monday, May 17, 2010

Bedroom Pics and Chair Redo

Good morning. I hope you are all doing well.  I had intentions of jumping right into getting my work done early today, but somewhere along the way have lost all ambition.  It is cold and windy out and more rain is on the way. Ugh.....we have had enough for now.  DH, along with the other farmers, need to get into the fields again.  We have all of our corn in and about half of the beans. It's a good thing DH started as early as he did.  Many don't have anything planted.  As farmers, we are always leery of wishing for the rain to stop.  Because, it might just stop for the summer.  So I guess we deal with what we get. 

Last weekend was our DDs' dance recital.  Here they are in their jazz outfits.  Alex, on the left, danced 5 different dances at all 4 performances while Emily, on the right, danced 4 different dances each time.  They were tired girls by Sunday. As always, the recital was amazing and the girls did a tremendous job. All the dancers, preschool through high school definitely give it their all.  Now the girls are off for the summer and can't wait to start again in the fall.  

After redoing my curtains in the bedroom a couple of weeks ago.  I changed a few things around here and there and wanted to share a few pics.

I finally got around to refinishing a little chair I found last summer.  It didn't take too long to strip the paint...someone had started it and apparently gave up.  I was going to just paint it, but liked the look of the wood with a little stain and tung oil.  I'm very happy with how it turned out. 

Well, I should go and get to work...I can hear the never-ending call of laundry and cleaning.  Sure wish I could learn to tune all of that out. Just think how much crafting I could accomplish!  Have a wonderful day and thanks so much for taking time to stop by.  I truly appreciate it!!!



  1. I sure miss those dance recitals! Enjoy them while you can, both girls looked beautiful. Have a great week, Dawn

  2. I LOVE the pictures of your bedroom. It looks great!! The chair is amazing. I would have bought that and just painted it. I like what you did SO much better.
    Have a great day!!

  3. Yes Melissa, as Dawn has said, enjoy these times while they are here, they are gone in a blink. Your DD's are very beautiful. Love all the pics of your home, it is wonderful.

  4. Melissa,
    Your girls are beautiful ~ I bet you are very proud of them. Love the decorating in your bedroom and your chair turned out perfect.

  5. I remember my own dance recitals as if they were just yesterday. Okay well maybe a couple hundred thousand yesterdays ago.
    You have done a great job on your bedroom. Wanna come over and make mine as pretty and prim as yours!!!
    Love the little chair you redid. Glad you didn't give up on it. It looks perfect.
    Enjoy the day,
    Hugs, AMY

  6. love how the chair turned out....

  7. Your shair looks great!
    Love all the pics! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great day!

  8. Love all your pictures! My husband has all of our corn planted, still has 130 acres more of soybeans to plant. It is wet, we got a frost here last week. Hope you get all your planting done, it's always something with farming isn't it? LOL!!

  9. Love the bedroom!!!! The chair turned out beautiful!


  10. Your daughters are so pretty and I'm sure very talented.
    Your chair looks great. Love the color of the stain. It's just perfect for it and looks as if it were always that way.

  11. The room looks beautiful..The chair came out very nice..And how cute your girls are dressed for their recital..Have a great rest of the week..

  12. I love the way that fabric worked up as curtains. They look great. That chair refinished nicely too. I picked up a large old mirror, nice frame, at a garage sale the other day. Love it but boy is it heavy!! Now I need to find two strong guys to help hang it. Looks like the rain has stopped for now, let's just hope it hasn't stopped for the summer. :-)

  13. very nice blog,Congratulation from Tenerife!!!!

  14. Hi Melissa,
    Great pictures of your room. I love all the little vignettes. That chair came out great too! I love it stained.
    The jazz outfits are cute. I wish my daughter had kept up with her dancing. It was so fun going to her recitals.
    Blessings to you~ birgit

  15. I am acutally looking at the same wallpaper as you :))) There are two, this one and another that I am trying to decide which one to go with.

    I love how your chair turned out :)


Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate it!! Have a wonderfully prim day!!~~Melissa