Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Awesome Finds

Hi.  Just wanted to pop on quick and share my awesome finds from today. I had to go to Lowe's for some barn paint and just took a minute to run into the GW.  I have never found my Pfaltzgraff dishes there, but today was different. I went in looking for some wood pieces to redo and was just walking out and there they were.   The soup tureen doesn't have a lid, but that's okay.  All together for  the 16 pieces was $16!!  I was so excited. 

Then, this afternoon, our girls had a youth group fundraiser at an auction.  If you liked lamps, you were in luck.  Hundreds of them.  They aren't for me, but they had a few jugs and crocks.  They put them all together for choice so I thought I would be in trouble.  Well, the bidding was over almost as fast as it started and guess what??  I won this beauty.  Now, it does have chips and some cracks, but all of those marks just tell a story and add character, right?  Besides, I don't think I could afford the perfect ones anyway.

The best news......only $13!!!   My pastor who was helping with the fundraiser told me I should feel guilty.  Do I??  Heck no!!  

Today is also our 20th anniversary and look what DH sent to me.  Twenty beautiful roses.  Isn't he sweet?  Wonder how long I will get a rose for each year? I love the orange and yellow ones...they look like fire. 

I have to leave you with this picture of some of our new spring kittens. They kept getting into my flower pots to sleep and ruining the flowers.  So, I took a bowl, filled it with dirt, and put it where the pots were.  I came out this morning to find them all (5) with momma squeezed into it.  Not too comfortable looking, but cute!!

Gotta run for now.  Remember, only 5 more followers and I will be having a giveaway.  I'm still thinking on what it might be.  I'll let you know soon. Take care and thanks for stopping by.



  1. oh those kittys are just so cute!cant believe they all squeezed in there,how nice crock too.have a great weekend god bless michelle

  2. what great finds you got! That's my pattern too...lucky you to find all that for a great price too! Love the crock and your kitty's are too cute!!

  3. gorgeous crock!! And I love your dishes - I have been collecting those Folk Art dishes for a couple years you got a great deal! I never find them at GW! :) Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary..Love the GW finds and the kittens are adorable..

  5. the kittys,,great find on the dishes..I bought a bunch once in Florida at 2 different antique stores, not for that kind of great price!..Happy Anniversary.

  6. Melissa, Look like you got a great deal! Love the kitty pic too.


  7. I am SICK ~ with envy that is at your purchases! Why can I never find any Folk Art? I think I might complain again - when I did that last year I found some Folk Art within a couple of days. The bowl full of cat is too funny. Happy Anniversary ~Ann

  8. Happy Aniversary! Love your crock!

  9. OMG cant believe you found all that pfaltzgraff and what a great price. I collect the same pattern but can only find a few pieces at a time. Have a great day:D Sherri

  10. Happy Anniversary!
    Your crock was a real deal. I have a cracked crock collection that I love. Like you, if they weren't damaged, I could not afford them!
    Your kitty picture is too precious.
    Happy 4th to you and your family!
    Pug hugs :)

  11. What great finds. Love the crock and that was a stealer price. Now that is one full pan of kitties. So cute LOL!

  12. Happy Belated Anniversary!!! That picture of momma kitty and her babies is priceless! Can't believe that are all squished in that bowl of dirt! Just to darn cute! Love it.


  13. You found some great stuff and I love the crock. Happy Anniversary - your hubby did a great job with the roses. And those kitties are sooooo adorable!

  14. I collect Pfaltzgraff Folk Art dishes, too, and have for over 25 years. Sometimes I go to thrift stores and never see any pieces that go with my collection and then other times it's like I've hit the jackpot. You got a lot of great pieces for only $16! I hope I stumble on such a great find.

    Starlight Primitives

  15. Happy Anniversary!!

    What beautiful roses, the colours are stunning! Isn't it lovely when our better halves send flowers?

    Looking forward to your giveaway!



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