Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fall Decorating and New Stitchery

Hi. I hope you all had a restful Labor Day weekend. I guess that means that it is officially time to dig out all of our fall goodies and begin decorating!! I know many of you have already started. I got a few things out as I was cleaning over the weekend. I just decorated the family room as of right now and wanted to share what I have out. More will follow!!

I replaced the rose hips in the wooden bowl for putka pods. The stitchery is one I made years ago.

I added the crocks and bittersweet to the mantle. Good thing I have fake stuff. My bittersweet, which grew like crazy this year, had very few berries. I was bummed. I'm not sure if I should plant another female plant or fertilize more or what. I don't do much to it because it grows so well in the wild, I didn't think I had to.

My SIL gave me this box a few years ago. I holds all of my Country Samplers and Mercantile Gatherings. I bought the pillow a couple of years ago.

This fall arrangement came partly from a garage sale. I had bought a couple of the bunches at a store and loved them. I came across about 5 more bunches at a GS a couple of years ago. I was so happy!! The apple butter stirrer came from a GS this year.

My little kitty came from Annie at Olde Annie Primitives. I won it in a contest where we had to count kitties on her blog. Since I have so many here at my house, counting is one of my specialties. I just love it in my bowl of putka pods. Thanks, Annie!!

This is the cranberry scoop that I picked up last month. I decided to put some sunflowers in it. It brightens up our entryway.

Here is the bittersweet that I picked. I guess it is better than nothing, but not what I had hoped for. I need to be out checking ditches!!

I added a Thanksgiving stitchery to my selling blog and have a couple of more things just about done that I may add tomorrow. Check it out if you get time.

Have a great evening. Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Everything looks great Melissa! I have done alittle fall decorating, but going for a simple look this year.

  2. Melissa ~
    I love all of your fall decorating. It looks awesome. Love the stitchery you made & the pumpkin pillows. My bittersweet did nothing this year. We had a bad growing year.

  3. Love the mantle! I sooo want to *dismantle* the brickwork and woodwork around ours and redo the whole thing! Not crazy about what the previous owners did to this house! Oh well in my dreams I have a nice big ole beam on my mantle too!

  4. Melissa,

    I love your crow stichery. Can you tell me where you got the garland on the mantle and in the crock. I love it!


  5. Melissa,
    All your fall decorating is looking great!! I hope to start mine this week.
    Congrats on your win from Annie!!


  6. Your fall decorations are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  7. Everything looks great. I guess it is time to go driving on the gravel roads looking for pampas grass and bittersweet as well as those beautiful big pinecones.....

  8. I love it all Melissa. If there are any railtroads near you, try looking there for the bittersweet!!


Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate it!! Have a wonderfully prim day!!~~Melissa