Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Paint Color & Other Ramblings

Good evening. I hope all of you are doing well. Once again, it has been way too long between my posts. I guess good intentions don't get the job done. I have finished a couple of make overs this week, but that is about all. Of course, I didn't take a before photo of the items. I just get started and then think about it. Then, most times I'm too lazy to walk to the house and get the camera. It's sooooo far!! I used a new paint color on the cutting board. It is Silent Night by Pittsburgh Paints, and Menards carries it. I bought it and a couple of other colors this week. They have those cute little sample jars that are just the right size. The gel stain makes it darker than it is. It almost looks navy but it is a darker country blue. It will look neat on some old bowls I think.

My DD's softball team won their league championship last Friday. They were undefeated in the tourney and played some really great games. She is in the back row, second girl from the left. Right next to her BFF. So now we only have one more tourney this weekend for DS and we will be done.

I have been trying to get caught up on scrapbook pages. We have scrap booking at our church every other Sunday afternoon. I have been trying to go and have made a goal to have all the kids sports pages and the girls dance pages done before they head off the school. I am doing pretty well. That cuts into my craft time, but it gives me a little diversion. Some days it sure seem like I might suffer from ADD. I flit from one thing to another to another to another....... I was never like this before. Do any of you suffer the same thing. It honestly drives me crazy. I literally have to stop myself from doing something completely unrelated to what I'm doing while in the middle of something else. This happens several times a day. This is the perfect example. Rambling. Sorry.

Oh, remember the pictures of Olivia our black kitten? Well, some parts have emerged that were not present when we named her. So....she is now a he and his name is just O. We already have an Oliver so we couldn't use that name. We were bummed.

Sorry for the short rather boring post, but I wanted to let you know I am still out here. Take care and thanks for stopping by.



  1. Love those paint colors! Especially the blue:)

  2. We have Menards nearby and we are a big fan of Pittsburg paints! I need to buy a few of their samples! What a great idea! They are the perfect size. :) Love your makeovers!

  3. I love all the red's they look great. Love the colors you used.


  4. HI! Finally I'm able to acess your blog! Love the new photo header, the flowers are beautiful. You now that great minds think alike right? I bought the same little drawer cabinet on the left in your picture in this post. I painted mine black, haven't found a spot for it yet. ~Ann

  5. Love your makeovers...ok, I love your paint choices!! Oh geesh, I have been missing so much!


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