Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Projects and Husky

Hello, everyone. I'm like many of you wondering where in the world time goes. It has been way longer than I had planned in between posts, but life happens. Our three kids are in three different leagues of summer ball. This makes for at least one game a night--not always in the same location--or practices to be run to and from. I wouldn't trade watching them play, but it sure eats up a lot of time. I have been reading some blogs and trying to keep up. I just haven't taken time to post myself.

I have been working on some projects in between events. The first is this little dolly and bag from Primitive Stitchin'. The pattern has part of a sampler stitched on the bag which is very neat. I have a hard time getting those to look nice using the small count fabric, so I changed it a little. I have her listed on eBay and Etsy as well.

I also finished a sampler started quite some time ago. This one is from Country Rustic Primitives. I am going to put it in my bathroom because I have a border with cabins on it.

I finished painting the cabinet I was working on and we took it upstairs finally. The before pictures are on our laptop which won't allow me into my account. I just have been able to get it to the fix it shop to take care of the problem. It was painted white and very chippy. I had to strip it completely and remove maybe 4 layers of paint along the way. I was going to sand and then stain it, but there were some places where the original paint would not come off. I was afraid this might cause a problem so I just painted it. For some reason, it doesn't bother me to sand and stain little projects, but this big one scared me a bit also. Didn't know if I had the nerve to mess it up!! I don't have much on top yet. I would like to cover some paper mache boxes. I found a couple of fabrics so I will be giving that a shot.

I also stitched a Primitve Bettys pattern. I would like to make it into a little pillow. Stay tuned.

My last project is a new little kitten named Husky. He has had quite a week. I found in the the barn last Wednesday all by himself meowing. I brought him up to the house and my DD was watching him for a couple of minutes. In that time, one of the adult cats who isn't very nice, grabbed him and shook him. When I got out there, he was bleeding and couldn't move his head or front legs. I called the vet to take him in to be put to sleep because I thought that would be best. Well, until we got him in, he had begun to move around. So after a checkup and a couple of shots, she sent him home saying she wasn't sure how he would be. Well, needless to say, he has improved so much you would never know anything happened at all. He is a sweet little guy. When we came home today, this is where he was. Apparently he is ready to go to the game tonight.

I also found another one in the tree meowing. She has been much more timid so she is always with Husky. I couldn't get a good picture of her but will soon. Moral of this story is...I need to wear my ipod whenever I go outside. That way I won't hear the crying.

Well, I'm off. Thanks for stopping by to visit. Take care and have a wonderful night.



  1. Love the dollie and the stitch. Amazing job...

  2. Good job on the dollie and the cabinet. I'm sure it was a lot of work but it looks great :)

    Thank you for rescuing that sweet little kitten! We have 2 rescued cats and they have been a real delight. :)

  3. OMG...Husky is adorable! Your Husky and my Harley would make a great match. They can get into the funniest places! ~Annie

  4. The doll is so perfectly prim and cute! And I just LOVE that stitchery. I would love to do that one. I need to check it out!

    Husky is precious! He sure is lucky to be rescued by you!

    Have a great evening! (Take your IPOD next time)! :)


  5. Husky is sooo.....adorable!!

  6. What a cutie! I couldn't avoid that face either.
    I love your new doll and stitchery. Your cabinet looks great!


  7. What an adorable kitty. I love everything you've done..I'm glad I stopped by your blog today! Take care.
    Christy Lee
    Petals and Pine


Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate it!! Have a wonderfully prim day!!~~Melissa