Saturday, June 13, 2009

Olivia and Garage Sale Finds

Good afternoon. I hope you are all doing well. We just came home from my DS ball game. He was to have had a double header, but one team never showed up. I was bummed because I was looking forward to it. Now, since we are home, I feel like I actually have to do something. It was either do housework or read blogs. I guess you can see which one I chose!! His team won by the way. He pitched 3 innings and did a pretty good job. He has a tendency to pitch a couple of balls first and then come in with strikes. I tease him by telling him he wouldn't have to pitch so much if he did the strikes first. Guess it adds to the suspense.

I was able to get to go to a few garage sales yesterday. I came across a few things. The first was this little sled made from barn siding and twigs. It was only $1. It still had the tag on it, but the price was gone. It will look cute this winter with some greens on it. My kids were watching me from the car while I looked at it and debated for a while. They were all guessing it was expensive so when I got to the car they couldn't believe it too so long to decide on something so cheap. Guess I was trying to decide if I really wanted it. I think I'm getting more that way at least sometimes. The next thing was the little shepherd's hook with the witches hat. I will take the hat off and repaint it to use this fall in the house and use the hook in the garden. Next was the little angel. She was only 50cents but the kids all thought she was kinda ugly. But she was only 50 cents and she looks cute in my flower bed!!!! Lastly, I found seven packs of unpainted wooden pears. They will be ornaments on my Christmas tree. They were only 10 cents a pack--5 cents each. Can't beat that. Only $3.20 for everything. I was very pleased.

I was able to get a picture of our other little kitten, Olivia. She is still very timid compared to Husky. She didn't have a good evening last night. She got into a eave spout drain we no longer use. She was in it upside down. Luckily we had some friends over whose kids saw her go in. I was able to get her out. So far, I think she has used up a couple of lives.

Here she is with Husky.

Not too much else is happening. We have a graduation party later. Then maybe I will work on some started project. I will either be working on projects or scrapbooking at church tomorrow afternoon. I should scrapbook. I am sooooooo far behind.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great evening.



  1. Melissa,

    Love your witches hat and the sled will be cool at Christmas. I can relate to the scrapbooking because I haven't done anything since my crop. Hopefully this week though.


  2. I love the little angel and the sled. You got some really good stuff.
    I used to love going to baseball games when my hubby played. So much fun and free sun. :)


  3. Great finds there! Especially love the witch's hat! Love that photo of Olivia behind the flowers. They are both SO cute. Mine is that size -- wish he could stay a kitten forever! ~~Annie

  4. Love the sled! I have an old one I sit on my porch during Christmas and winter.Have fun scrapbooking!

  5. love your blog. it looks like you found some good bargains at the sales. blessings, janice

  6. Melissa,
    Love the old sled & your kitties are adorable. I got the same pattern from Shelly Auen but haven't made it yet ~ she's adorable. Enjoy your Sunday.

  7. Love all your finds especially the sled...great price too!
    Love the name Olivia...fits her.

  8. I love all the treasures that you found. But your kitties are my favorite...they look spunky and fun. Happy Flag day ~Natalie

  9. Very unique finds. The cats are beautiful!


Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate it!! Have a wonderfully prim day!!~~Melissa