Monday, April 13, 2009

New Finds

Good afternoon. It has been cold and windy today and it has just started to rain. Ugh!!!!! I had good intentions of getting some more spring cleaning done, but with this weather, I can't get too enthused. So instead, I went to Goodwill, a TS, and an antique mall today. I must say I did pretty well. I was in search of a strainer for a fly screen that you all seem to have made. I have been searching high and low with no avail....until today. Yeah, I found one in the antique store for only $2. I snatched it up pretty quick. As I was walking up to pay, I spotted a shiny silver mold sitting on a shelf that I had overlooked before. I went over to check it out and decided it would be perfect for a pantry cake mold. I have some tin jello molds that were my grandma's that I was going to use, but........ As you can see, it has the coolest star on top and I LOVE stars. It was less than $4. Pretty good for that also. I found the blue whatever it is there also. I kept looking at it and trying to decide if I liked it or not. The handle is kinda weird. I guess I could hide the handle behind crocks or something else. Finally, I decided to get it. Don't know if I will keep it that color or change it. I am going to put a grungy tea light in the little jelly jar. I had found some at an auction last year and did some like it for a show that my friend Ann and I did in the fall. They sold really well. I didn't keep any for me. What was I thinking??? The pineapple came from the TS. I plan to paint it to make it more primitive.
My best find of the day came from Goodwill. Our Goodwill has been closed since Christmas due to a leaky roof. They have temporarily relocated the store and it opened back up today. I had so many things to take in for donations, that I decided to go in today. They didn't have a lot of home things out but back on the table was a little wooden bowl filled with stuff. I picked it up not thinking too much about it, flipped it over and saw the marking Munising!! I couldn't believe it. It was only $2. I have never found anything old like that before so I was so excited. There was a man in there looking also that I know buys antiques. Either he didn't see it or maybe it is not as neat as I think. Either's mine now. It is a little shinier from varnish than what I like. I can deal with it.

I also bought a little footstool, but forgot to take a picture. So overall it was a very good day for me. Nothing like a few good bargains to brighten a dreary day. Well, gotta go get some laundry done and pick the kids up. We have a long lane and it is raining buckets right now. It will save them from getting soaked and me from having to clean up any mud that is tracked in. Thanks for stopping by and I will try to make something out of my finds and post soon. Bye.



  1. What great finds! I'll take a trip to Goodwill ANY day over spring cleaning! Maybe even today! LOL LOVE that wood bowl! Have a great week! ~~Annie

  2. Thrift shopping is the perfect way to pass a dreary day. I know a trip to Goodwill always perks me up. You have some really neat finds.

  3. Melissa~

    Love all of your finds!! Can't wait to see what you do with them!!

    Hugs!! Carrie♥

  4. Great finds...I found a bowl like that at the flea market years ago and paid $10.00 for it so I'm sure it's worth more now:) Love the star mold us a pic when you make a pantry cake from it I bet it turns out so neat.

  5. Looks like you found some great TS finds. Your strainer is going to look great and I love the star mold. Be sure post pics when you are done. Stay warm and dry!!


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  7. Great finds, I love that german mold! Beautiful house pics also, love that rounded stone entry!!

  8. Melissa,

    I would have been excited over finding any one of those, but to find all 3...the strainer, the mold and the wooden bowl...Wow! I love it!



Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate it!! Have a wonderfully prim day!!~~Melissa