Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter Decor

Good Friday evening! I hope you are all winding down from your week by doing something that you love to do. I wanted to post a few of my Easter settings around the house. With only a week left, it's a good thing I finally got around to it. Better late than never!!! This little Easter tree has ornaments that I made a couple of years ago. It is from a pattern by Buttermilk Basin. I made my tree by putting sticks in a star can with floral foam in the bottom. Then covered the foam with paper shreds. I have it sitting in our dry sink behind the couch. The dry sink also doubled as a changing station for our three kids.

The next setting features a bunny and some carrots I made last year. It is a pattern by Tennessee Ridge Primitives. The black bowl is a garage sale makeover. It is next to a candle stand given to me by my SIL.

The last one is on our kitchen table. The wooden bowl has eggs I made to go with the above set. I painted them navy blue. They started out tan but they reminded me of potatoes so I started over. The yellow ware eggs were a purchase I made. I bought them with intentions of making more. I never got around to it. Maybe someday. The little wax bunny in the front looks like a real chocolate bunny. The lady I bought it from said her friends grandson actually took a bite out of hers!!! The beautiful bunny next to it comes from Janae at Cozy Coops Corner. She has such nice things. Thanks, Janae!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!! Thanks for stopping by.



  1. I have one of Janae's bunnies and just love it. I love the little bunny you have in the bowl. He does look real.


  2. I love it all Melissa! Those carrots you made are really neat and I like the sticks in the bucket idea. I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Missy... Your Easter is really cute... Especially love the bunnie in the bowl... Have a great Easter and see you soon at The birthday party for "THE KID"


Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate it!! Have a wonderfully prim day!!~~Melissa