Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Makeovers

Hi, everyone. I hope you all are enjoying your day. It is warm and dry here today. We seem to be in a cycle of 3 rainy days and warmer nice weekends. I am hoping for a little less rain for awhile so we and the farmers around us can get the crops planted. We have to be careful when we pray for the rain to stop. It seems that in years past, it stops...all through summer also. This cycle we are in now would be great for everyone once the crops are in, but for now it is rather frustrating. We are thankful for the warm sun. My DH and kids did get part of their sweet corn patch planted last weekend. I joke that this is our big cash crop. Some of the money goes toward college funds. This is the second year that the kids are into helping--up early to pick and all. We are doubling the size of our patch and spreading the season out a little longer. I'll keep you all up to date on the progress.

I have a couple of makeovers to show you. They are items I picked up a few weeks ago and just now completed. The first is a candle holder. I really wanted one of these and found one at a garage sale. Here is the before:

I painted it black and applied gel stain. I also changed out the handle to a wooden one. I really like how it turned out. My biggest dilemma was trying to decide what color to paint it. Do any of you have that problem? I try to think what room I will put something in and go from there, but that doesn't always help either. Oh, well. Here is the after:

The next item came from the TS. Although the Noah's Ark theme was cute, it didn't quite fit the prim standard. I thought it was hand painted at first so I felt bad painting over it. I soon got over that when I noticed the made in China sticker on the bottom.

Again, the dilemma of paint color. I decided I wanted to use it to store office things in on our desk. I have been wanting to add mustard to the navy in the den so I thought this was a good place to start. I'm sure Noah would be proud. (lol)

I also found a couple of neat prim things at a garage sale yesterday. Both for $5 and the best part is that they are all done and ready to put out. I have a spot in mind for the tray. I'll show you next time.

Lastly, I'll leave you with another picture of JoJo. She would probably not be pleased with this photo, but we tell her she has to be a lady. This picture does not reflect that message!!!

Have a great evening. Thanks for stopping by!!



  1. Melissa~I love the way your candle holder turned out! Can't go wrong with black!
    And, as you may know, I am obsessed with mustard...So the chest of drawers is right up my alley!
    Love the cat...sometimes they have no modesty!

  2. JoJo is too cute and you are right...she doesn't sit much like a little lady (lol). Hope you are enjoying this Ohio weather. I know that I am and can hardly wait til this weekend when it just gets better and better : )

    Your sweet corn sounds delicious!! We buy sweet corn all summer long and love it. I have often thought about getting lots more and freezing it for all year round use.

    Your makeovers are TERRIFIC!! The candle holder looks prim perfect and the little Noah box turned out GREAT!!! I am sure Noah would be proud (lol). You do such a wonderful job. I love that mustard color...who is the make and do you know the exact color name? Keep up the great know me, I love seeing all the makeovers especially when they look so great! Enjoy the rest of your week my friend : )


    P.S. I am working on makeovers today too!

  3. I love what you did with the Noah redo. It looks so old and the candle holder also looks great.

    JoJo is too cute. I love the pattern on the furniture she is sitting on.


  4. Oh that photo of Jo-Jo is so funny. Love all of the great stuff you got...lucky you!! xxxRobby

  5. Melissa,
    Love your makeovers & your garage sale items. The pic of JOJO is too funny, it looks like how our one dog lays/sits. Hope the weather cooperates so you can get your planting done.

  6. JoJo sure made me laugh!

    I love your makeovers, you did a great job on them especially the Noah drawers in mustard you can't even tell it had painting on it before:) Love the black candle holder so prim:)

  7. What a great job with the makeovers! I love them both! Love the kittie, too -- what a pose! So dainty!!!LOL~ Terry

  8. Hi! Jo Jo is obviously hanging around too much with those outdoor cats! They are teaching her bad things. Don't you just feel guilty? Frito spent the afternoon on the deck with me on Saturday, he was very good and didn't go around the sides of the house. Busy weekend with baseball and basketball. ~Ann

  9. LOL, Melissa, that is the funniest picture of JoJo. She looks like she might be saying, "You've got that camera again????"

    Awesome, awesome, makeovers! I absolutely love them both! They're great!


  10. Absolutely LOVE that picture of JoJo! Love your makeovers. My favorite is the drawers. Love ANYTHING you can store something in! ~~Annie

  11. Great finds! I love the pic of JoJo! We have 2 cats and they sure are a lot of company. They do such crazy things...LOL

  12. Melissa, Thanks for following my blog! The picture of JoJo is hilarious!! My mom used to have a cat that sat like that all the time in the chair. Loved visiting your blog!



Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate it!! Have a wonderfully prim day!!~~Melissa