Thursday, April 11, 2019

Where Has The Time Gone????

Hello.  I have been away from here for so long that I was surprised that I was able to get back into it!!  Over the past couple of years, yes, it's actually been that long, a lot has happened to keep me away.  Mostly, I feel like it was lack of content and a developing interest in other areas of crafting.  I found myself getting out of the painting and repurposing items mainly because my stack of things to redo became so large!!  We have all been there, buying a few more things than we have room for just because it is such a bargain and it will be so perfect when it's done.  

I have been focusing on my blackened beeswax items and my Etsy shop.  My items are both seasonal as well as everyday decor for your primitive/colonial/farmhouse look.  The items are hand poured with pure beeswax dyed black and HEAVILY scented with a cinnamon oil and dusted lightly with a very FRAGRANT cinnamon.  Here are a few of the spring and everyday items that I offer.  I currently have over 200 listings to choose from.  I also offer wholesale to shops and vendors.  If you are interested in that route, please email me for a current price list.  Here is the link to my shop....

My intent is to post more frequently,  and keep you updated on new items available as well as activities that are happening around our grain farm.  Spring is here but the cool weather is definitely keeping the guys out of the fields for now.  

I am so grateful that you took time to stop by.  Take care and have a blessed day!!



  1. So very good to see a post from you Melissa!! I, too, was MIA from blogging for a long time, and only recently found my way back. I have missed it. I’ve always loved your beautiful beeswax creations and love the ones shown here...but dang! Those carrots!!! I really really love those LOL. Yes, please do keep posting.... I am not very good at keeping up with Etsy listings otherwise. Hope all has been well with you.... ~Robin~-

    1. Hi, Robin. Thank you for you sweet compliment!! I have been well. I hope all is well with you as well. Take care!!!


Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate it!! Have a wonderfully prim day!!~~Melissa