Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Starting a Remodel and a Dilemma

Hello. As I sit here writing this, I can hear drills and smell sawdust.  We are starting a remodel job on our old farmhouse today.  We are beginning with putting can lights in the family room, and anyone who has ever remodeled an old house already knows this.....expect the unexpected.  I don't really like these lights, but it's the only way to get light in here.   We were originally going to put  more lights in, but the electricians can't get to the area we wanted them because we are not replacing the ceiling.  So, no lights there.  Next, the others had to be moved over a bit to accommodate the beam in the attic.  I am hoping that it all looks good when done.  Our room is so dark, and I am tired of lamps everywhere.  They are putting them in today and going to wire tomorrow. The contractor is coming tomorrow also to start tearing down the siding on the walls.  Now, I have debated this issue for years and I hope I'm making the right decision.  We have on the walls right now a pecan siding which is made up of individual pieces .  Each piece will need to be taken off and we are then drywalling. We know it's not paneling but it looks like it. Like I said, it is very dark in this room so we are trying to lighten it up. The doors between rooms are being replaced also.  We are getting the old baseboard and window trim from DH grandma's house to use in here.  It matches the rest of the house as we are trying to get back to the original farmhouse look. 

My dilemma is this. The tan (it looks grey in the picture) color in the middle is going on 3 walls in the family room.  The fireplace wall I would like an accent color.  At first, I wanted burgundy, but my love of blue is trying to take over.  I found this navy and now am undecided on what to do.  Any thoughts??  I love crocks and we have a blue chair and tan couch to go with the chair you see. 

My friend Ann, A Hole in the Basket Primitives, went on a prim shopping trip to Findlay a couple of weeks ago.  We scored big time on our Pfaltzgraff Folk Art.  We were very civil and split pieces evenly.  We also hit a garage sale that had pottery for sale, the antique store,  and to our favorite prim shop, Early American Home.  Oh, and Hobby Lobby where we found some really pretty fabric.  Take a look at all the goodies I found.

Finally, I added some beeswax icicles to my selling blog.  I know it's early for Christmas, but I was anxious to try out the mold.  Stop by and check them out. 

That's all for now. I get to go clean up saw dust.....too bad there isn't enough to put into a pinkeep!!
Thanks for stopping by and stayed tuned for more remodeling pics.  Take care.



  1. I love your fireplace...I love brick and I love is hands down for me..but remember this is your home..The good thing is you can always repaint if you don't like something..Can't wait to see the end result and what you chose..Have a great day..Lisa

  2. Hi Missy... looks like brother and sisiter had the same idea to start the drills and hammers... The contractors are at Scott and Trish also and let the mess begin... and then the enjoyment....

  3. Your room is going to be beautiful. I'm finding I am gravitating more towards blue for your room and I'm really not a big fan of blue. I can just see it in this room for some reason. The baseboard and trim work are going to be be fabulous. You are so lucky to get old wood like that. I wouldn't mind having some of that material you bought. Love the print and color. Please keep us updated on the progress of your room.

  4. I love your fireplace and the sign above it looks great. My opinion, and like Lisa said, it is your house, but I would go with the blue. I think the blue would help the fireplace stand out more, and it is so pretty I would want it to be the focal point. Just my opinion, can't wait to see the finished product.

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  6. My only thought is that it will make your room darker so unless you are sure you have enough light I would probably go with a dark taupe and just use blue as an accent color!!!
    Also, you may want to rethink the ceiling....I guess it would be worth a new ceiling to get the lights in the right least that is what we are doing in my kitchen to center the wires...I am sure whatever you do it will be great. Dianntha

  7. A suggestion: Paneling looks beautiful painted. I've seen examples at The Lettered Cottage blog. And if you like the look, it would save you some time and money. I hope it all goes well!

  8. Oh my word I just LOVE your huge fireplace wall!!! As for the color I might stay with a color similar in a warm palette.

    WOW great minds think a like. I bought those same fabrics. LOL.

    Love all your new goodies.


  9. That wall needs navy blue on it.

    Pamela RN

  10. Color can always be a delemmia. First and formost just trust your instinct. The lighter color will make the room appear larger and more harmonious... as all the design experts on TV say.
    Not sure where your thinking about the color (blue or red) it the brick wall of the fireplace? If it is an accent wall, maybe you could paint it the same tan and find a beautiful quilt or some great pictures that would accent in the blues and red huges. I am sure something is waiting for you around the bend of your next shopping adventure with a friend. Congrats on your great pottery find ... a real bargain at any price in my book. Good luck with the remodel and looking forward to seeing what your decission ends up being and how you bring it all together. You'll do great.

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  12. Hi Melissa, there are so many factors that you need to consider when it comes to remodeling your kitchen: there are no average costs, there could be issues that arise in the process of remodeling, and you should expect the unexpected to happen.


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