Friday, January 16, 2009

I Finished My Potato Garland

I just finished up the potato garland that I have been working on. I started with just regular potatoes and soaked them in a coffee mixture overnight. I tossed them in a bag with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves and then placed them in the oven to dry out. It took about all day at 200 degrees. They do shrink down quite a bit so don't be afraid to cut them bigger than you think you need. After they were dry, I drilled a hole in each and threaded hemp cord through to make the garland. You could just also put them in a bowl.

My family thought I was crazy for doing this, but they are getting used to tea dye "sludge" and cinnamon sitting around. I'm not sure if potatoes were once strung up this way or not and if so what they would do with them. That would be interesting to know.

I thought my bowl of ticking hearts looked a little plain, so I stitched up three more from onsaburg and stitched some Valentine's sayings on them and sprinkled them with glitter. It adds a bit more interest, I think.

I would love to hear from you about projects you are making for Valentine's or planning for spring. Today is supposed to be the last really cold day for at least a little while. It was -10 or below last night. It's not supposed to get that cold in Ohio. At least in my opinion it's not. I'm ready for warm weather.

All of you have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy your free time and make something really neat!!


  1. Oh yes - all kinds of veggies and fruit were stung to dry - it was the colonists and settlers form of dehydration. They didn't necessarily dip them in coffe though. They did this was some of the harvest and then they would later be used in soups and stews and pies. It was a way to preserve some of what they needed to get through a long winter.

    Yours looks Great!

  2. The potato garland looks great and I bet it smells heavenly!
    I love your fireplace mantle...very prim!
    I agree with you about the temps in Ohio...I heard that this is the coldest in about 15 years! No global warming here!
    Try and stay is so bitter this morning!

  3. Love your garland! :)

    Your hearts look wonderful too!

    Have a happy weekend-Kath

  4. Hi, I just found your blog from Linda's and glad I did! Love the ticking and valentine hearts and the potatoe garland is so neat hung on your mantel, I've seen these done with sweet potatoes too.
    I'm adding you to my favs:)
    Stop on over for a visit.
    Love your pie cupboard!

  5. Your garland is awesome. I am new to blogland myself and stumbled onto your site . I live in Ohio also. Your hearts are a great idea for Valentines Day. Thanks for sharing. Brionne

  6. Hey there!
    Just strolled onto your blog and wanted to tell ya that I loved the hearts you made and the potato garland. They look great!
    Take Care!

  7. Found your blog while surfing and glad that I did! The potato garland is a very creative idea! My family is very accustomed to having sludge and coffee mix sitting everywhere. I will coffee-dye anything that isn't nailed down!


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