Saturday, July 25, 2015

Lazy Summer Saturday

Good afternoon.  I hope you are having a wonderful summer day.  It is getting very warm here  No complaints from me because I really do not like being cold!! Since I last posted in May....where has the time gone??... we have had so much rain.  This is a very strange thing for us because we usually miss most of the wet stuff in the summer.  The crops are looking very good for the most part and all of the wheat has been harvested.  

This is the new garden I have posted before  The corn is HUGE!!   The pod corn is on the left and the red stalker corn is on the right.  The pod corn is just beginning to get ears while the red stalker has had them for quite a while.  I am so anxious to pick them!

I planted the sunflowers behind the corn.  They were only supposed to be 4 feet tall.  Um.....I don't think they were labeled correctly.  They are as tall as the corn. 

A littel display next to the smokehouse with my favorite black-eyed Susans.

I started an herb garden this year.  It's not as organized as I'd like.  I didn't any planning and just planted a few things here and there.  I may have to revamp it next summer.  I made these cute little plant markers from some old silverware found at an antique shop.  


I forget the name of these flowers, but they have just gone crazier than normal this summer.  The name starts with Heli....something. I can never remember.  They spread like wildfire so I'm always pulling them out from where they are not supposed to be.  You can barely see the white picket fence behind them because they are so tall!

My other favorites.  I can have more than one favorite summer flower, right?  I have many different colors of coneflowers.  It bums me out when the new color varieties come out  and they are so much more expensive than plain jane purple. 

This is the backside of the new counter/grills we put in last summer.  

And this is the front.  The grill on the  right is for wood fires. I used it last fall and made chili in a cast iron pot.  It was yummy.  We just made popcorn on it a week ago and it turned out really good too.  It takes more planning than I usually give to a meal.  That's when the gas grill comes in handy!

That's it for today. Time to do some Santa making or sampler stitching.  The stitching will probably win out since I am probably going to plunk on one of these lounge chairs with my buddies to stitch and catch a few rays of sun.  I can see a bonfire in the plans for tonight  with of course some yummy smores!!  Take care!!  Thanks for stopping by.


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