Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back in the Swing of Things..........

Hello!!!!   For all of you who may have wondered, no....I didn't fall off the edge of the earth. I am still around and trying to get some organization back to my schedule since summer is almost over and the kids are all back in school.  Seems when I had things to write about, I didn't have time, and when I had the time, things were rather boring.  So, anyway, I'm back.  Thanks to all those who have stuck with me. 
We had a terribly, and I mean terribly dry summer.  Crops looked horrible, grass was dying, flowers were just existing with the constant watering I did every night.  Here is my poor garden.  I had such high hopes for it early on.  It still fared better than years past so it was a successful project.  I thought I took a picture when the sunflowers were blooming, but I guess not. Better luck next year with it!! 
Just a few of the Black-eyed Susans I have out by the old smokehouse.

I started these dipper gourd plants indoors and transplanted them.  I didn't think they would all live but they did.  I have quite a few growing.  They don't seem to have as long a "handle" as the picture on the package shows, but they will be great to have. 

The US 127 garage sale happened again this year.  Here are the goodies I was able to pick up.  We didn't go far at all because it was so hot!!  I'm not the die-hard garage saler I would like to think I am.  My favorite piece is the old lantern.  It was only $3!!  I have been looking for one for quite a while. 

Here it is all cleaned up. I put a battery operated timer candle in it.  It makes such a neat accent on our front porch!

I found a few new molds for my blackened beeswax.  These are large ears of corn wrapped in husks.

And here is the smaller version.  All of the bowl fillers and ornies I make are hand poured with highly scented cinnamon blackened beeswax and rubbed with spices. My items can be found in my Etsy store. Please take a moment to go check it out!!
I guess that is all for today.  I am hoping to get my fall decorations out in the next few days.  I will be back to show you my displays. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!!!