Thursday, May 19, 2011

"New" Primitive Goodies & Some Spring Flowers

Good morning!!  Hope you are all doing well. It is raining here......again.  I think it's been close to 30 of the last 40 days or something that we have had at least a little rain.  I am beginning to think I need to look for ark plans.  I know so many have it so much worse and I continue to keep them in my prayers.  Hubby has almost all of the corn planted and over half of the beans. Won't take long to finish when it does dry out.  Again, we are very fortunate in this aspect. There are many not too far from us who haven't started.  Oh, the stress of farm life. 

I had some running to do last week and stopped at the antique store on my way home.  There were a few really primitive items, but boy were they expensive. Darn!!  I spotted this butter churn on the last pass through.  I looked it over and really liked it, plus it was a really good price.  Then I started thinking I really didn't need it so I walked out of the booth and was getting ready to leave.  It was then that the piece "spoke" to me.  Now, I tell you this because I know all of you primitive lovers know exactly what I mean. It was like I could imagine all of the women and children over the years using that butter churn as part of their everyday routine.  Well, now I couldn't just leave it there, right? So back I went and picked it up. So glad I listened to those voices!! 

Well, before the butter churn encounter, I was on eBay one day because I was tired of the rain and didn't have the ambition to clean......not a good way to use extra time!!  I spotted this child's buggy seat and fell in love.  Again, the voices kept telling me stories of all the little ones who sat in this seat going from here to there!!  Anyway, I bid.  Then I was promptly outbid.  So I tried again and for a time thought it was going to be mine.  Well, I was gone before the end of the auction but came home with under 5 minutes to go and found myself outbid yet again.  I told myself I wasn't going to bid anymore.  When does that ever work?? So I raised the bid $1 thinking that was a safe bid because certainly that little bid wouldn't mean much.  Well, guess what?   That's all it took and it was mine!!!  It came yesterday, and  I have it sitting on my dryer with some goodies in it.  It is such a neat size that I can put it just about anywhere. So moral of the story......don't spend extra time on eBay and don't think a $1 bid won't get you anything!!

In between the rains, I have been able to get some perennials out. This flower bed beside the sidewalk had almost nothing come back up....ugh!!  So off I went and picked up a few things.  I found a couple of different types of phlox and some white cone flowers. I also found a green cone flower, a burgundy one, and a burgundy black-eyed Susan.  I will keep you updated on the progress of this over the summer. It tends to be a dry bed because it faces the west and bakes during the late afternoon.  I hope it ends up like the vision in my head!!

This bunny creeps my kids out!!  It has pink eyes.

Here are the last of my tulips. I wanted to show them to you because they are black. I think they are so neat.

Here is a close-up so you can see better. They almost look dark purple.

Just a gathering I have put together outside between rain showers. It's all stuff I've had, just rearranged!!

I bought this black eyed Susan vine a couple of weeks ago. I had tried to grow one last year, but didn't have any luck.  Now since I have the pot and  cage, I can grow them again next year.

I just sent for some Sweet Annie seeds and some ornamental  pod corn seeds. I had checked on the pod corn seeds earlier this spring but didn't order then. I had seen it featured in the Spring 2011 A Simple Life Magazine.  Since then, the price has gone up $4 a pack.....what, seriously?  Plus the shipping.  I sure hope the stuff grows.  They should be here soon so I can get them planted, along with my pumpkins.

Last weekend was our girls' dance recital. They each performed 4 dances plus the production of Alice in Wonderland.  Emily was the 8 of Hearts card and Alex was the Cheshire Cat.  They did a wonderful job and now I'm sad that it is over for another year. 

One last picture I had to share. Last week on one of the nice weather days, I put the cats outside.  I love how JoJo is just relaxing on the swing while Gabby has that look of  "Let me inside!!" The funny thing is that Gabby had only been out about a minute. Talk about brave!!

Well, that's all for today.  Need to get some work done before heading off to a track meet.  Please keep the rain away, please keep the rain away...................



  1. love the primitive goodies Melissa!...and your flowers are very pretty, love love love tulips!


  2. Great finds -- I'm sure you are glad you listened to those voices in your head and got them!! Sometimes things do just speak to you -- and you must listen b/c they make you happy!
    You are doing better with your flowers than I am -- I am hoping to get some in the ground this weekend.
    I have 3 daughters -- all were in dance classes. They are grown now, and I do miss all the activities they were in. Your girls look so cute!

  3. You did well on the churn and goodies... Your plantings look great. Everything I completed has turned ellow and it is raining as I type... I have given up on planting anything else and have told myself no more money so I will not have the color I desire but next will come hot and dry.....You house looks really nice...

  4. What awesome finds! Enjoy!
    I love the black tulips.
    The girls are adorable!
    Prim Blessings

  5. Love everything you found and the black tulips are awesome..I am going to look for those for my yard..Also the girls are adorable..Have a great weekend..

  6. Just discovered you blog this morning and I"m enjoying it and will now be a follower. Will also add you to my blog list.


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