Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It Was Like American Pickers.......Almost!!

Good afternoon!! We are in the middle of another cold, rainy, yucky day. I think the sun must have gone on vacation because it has not been seen in days. Normally by this time of year, DH has at least part of the crops in. This is not the case this year. I think now he is just hoping to get started by May. Keeping fingers crossed. As farmers, we know not to wish for the rain to stop. See, then it stops all together and doesn't come when we need it.

I stopped at my first garage sale last week. It was like an "American Pickers" episode. Tool shed full, wagons sitting out, things everywhere. This is an annual sale but this year it was at least 3 times bigger. I arrived about 30 minutes after is started only to be met by people taking ARMLOADS of goodies out. Darn, it!! My first instinct was to trip them, grad the wares and run!!!! I was a good sport though and told them "looks like you found some neat stuff". Benches, buckets, things to decorate outside were leaving fast.  It was one of those instances where I drew a blank at what I wanted to look at because there was soooo much.  I made a quick pass around the wagons first to see if anything caught my eye and then off to the tool shed. This box was my first find.

The top has to have been added on at some point.  The hinge isn't old. I just love the writing on it.  Perfect spot to stash all of my stitching stuff next to the couch!

Next, I found this chair.  I think chairs may be an addiction. Shhhh...don't tell.  I was going to put it outside but decided to try it inside first.  They had several unpainted ones......wish I had picked one of those up to go inside.  Darn it!!

These are the last things I picked up.  I will use the oil can and door knob for make do bases.  The shovel will look cute in a tote outside.  Right next to the chicken feeder of course. 

There was an old cupboard base that I almost bought. It was in pretty rough shape though.  I still should have bought it.  Maybe it will be there if he has another sale. 

On Friday, I went to a local shop Bittersweet Cabin for an open house.  Loved it.  Here are a couple of things I came home with. 

Isn't he too cute.  Love his tail.

This little basket is my favorite.  So simple!!

I have come across a new blog I wanted to share.  It is The Real Farmwives of America & Friends.  It is a collective blog, but each member also has her own blog.  Gives some neat perspectives of  the modern farm wife.  Stop and check it out.  They are having a  recipe contest now along with Gooseberry Patch. Yummy!!

I also wanted to mention that the new issue of Prims is out. Three of my items have been featured again.  There are many beautiful items to be seen. 

That is all for today.  Thanks for spending some time with me. 



  1. Hi Melissa! did get some goodies didn't you!...I love old chairs too!...have fun!


  2. Wonderful finds~ the simple little egg basket cute!!!
    Yes, what is up with Ohio weather too wet & cold for that corn~ I know though don't say wet too loud or it will get dry!!LOL

  3. Love all your goodies Melissa - sounds like that sale was awesome!

  4. Hello, my name is Tracie and I'm an old chair addict...LOVE YOUR GOODIES!

  5. Who doesn't love an old chair and goodies like that! Looks like you got there in time for some eye candy!!

  6. Melissa,
    Found your blog today and love all the prim things you found. I am a follower now.
    I too am from Ohio. Stop by my blog sometime.
    Country at heart


Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate it!! Have a wonderfully prim day!!~~Melissa