Sunday, November 21, 2010

Looking for a Pattern

I have been looking for the designer of a snowman pattern that I know I have seen numerous times.  Except for now that I am trying to find it.  It is about 15" tall and he has wire on his feet for skates.  If you can help me out, I would love it.  Thanks.



  1. Melissa-
    I googled snowman wire skates and found a 15-15 1/2 inch doll type figure. It is on ebay. There is the information, hope this is what you are looking for:
    Fabric Primitive SNOWMAN SKEETER SKATER 15 1/2 Pattern - eBay ...eBay: Find Fabric Primitive SNOWMAN SKEETER SKATER 15 1/2 Pattern in the Crafts , Sewing ... calico pants, wool ear muffs, wire glasses and skate blades. ...

  2. I know I have one for one that has a long skinny neck and bigger bottom with wire skates. Came out in a Create and Decorate, I want to say it is by Soft in the Head. I will check into it when I can. I am at work now but I know he is about that big and has rusty wire skates.

  3. The one I was referring to is actually called Skeets and is from Soft In The Head. I have a copy of the magazine but it is also available as a pattern on her website.

  4. Hi Melissa! I saw your post and thought I would try and help! Is it a Sweet Meadows Farm pattern? Here is the link to her selling site:
    Hope this is the one your looking for!
    Shawnette :)

    here is the ones I was talking about.;)

  6. Yes I saw a snowman with skates on Sweet Meadow Farms website. Good Luck finding the snowman you are looking for. Keep us posted.
    Prim Blessings! Robin


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