Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Remodel......Before & After

Hello. I seem to be have been caught in the same time warp many of you have.  Time has just gone somewhere while I try to get things done.  Our remodeling is done......yeah.  Now comes the cleaning and moving back......yuck.  But after that, the fun decorating part can start just in time for fall goodies to go up.  Here are a few before and after pics. It's hard to get a real feel for it because nothing is up and the lighting isn't the greatest.  Hopefully I can get better pics up when the decorating is done.  For those of you who don't know, we removed the pecan boards from our walls and replaced it with drywall, replaced the window trim and baseboard trim with old trim from DH's grandma's house that is being torn down.  This trim now matches the rest of the trim in our house.  We also added ceiling lights. The result is a much brighter, more farmhouse look.  We are very pleased. 

The old corner.

You can get a look at the window trim  It is pine and the rest of the house is oak, but color and style wise it is very similar.  I love the little corner pieces.

The bow window before....sorry about the glare. 

After.  It really stands out now.  Thinking about some tobacco cloth fabric draped somehow....... Jo Jo's favorite spot!!

Doors between the family and living room.  The old ones had bottle end glass in them.  This is from the living room view.....the room that was already done with the oak trim. 

The after doors.  This is from the family room view.  I had wanted french doors, but they are bi fold and they didn't recommend full glass as much as they would be used.  I was going to have grills also, but they made the panes really little and hard to clean.  Darn, now I have to keep the living room straightened up....never had to worry about that with the old glass. 

That's all for today. I am supposed to be in washing  walls and wood work getting ready to clean carpets.  I am also working on some orders so I need to get going.   I have added some new fall goodies to my selling blog so stop by if you get the chance.  Have a great day. Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Your house is beautiful! I love the changes you've made.

  2. While I like bright and open, I also love that pecan paneling. Are you going to paint?
    I love the difference in the doors. We do have glass French doors and they do get a lot of marks from our little dogs.

  3. It really lightens things up and makes the space seem so fresh!

  4. Love the changes. Especially the new doors. have fun decorating.



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