Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Light....And Advice Needed

Good morning. Hope you are all doing well today. We have rather drab weather today so I am trying to find some motivation. It has been so nice outside that it's hard to go back to these grey days.

I wanted to share a picture of our new kitchen chandelier. The one that we had came with the house...which we purchased from DH's parents. While it is tin and I like it, it gave very little light in our dark kitchen. It doesn't help that I chose to paint the cupboards cranberry. Here is the before light....

I have been looking at chandeliers for a while trying to pick what I liked best. I need to go with an all tin one because we have another smaller tin ceiling light in the kitchen and tin outlet covers. So here is what I picked.....

It is soooooo bright.....I think I need to get smaller bulbs for the candles. It is so nice to be able to see now. Although the dust on the cupboards really shows up now!!! I also would like to get some berry rings. Now as everyone knows once you make a change in one often means you need to change another. Oh, the joys of an old home. Anyway, our utility room which is next to our kitchen is also very dark. DH would like me to get a light like this for out there also. My question any of you have lights like this in other rooms besides kitchens/dining areas? I think it would look okay because it is a fairly good sized room with higher ceilings. I would love any advice you could offer. Here is the room so you can see what it looks like...(pardon the litter box!)

I think I am going to get a smaller one for our front foyer also. I found one with similar style for there. I bought these from The Tin Bin. They have beautiful items. Wow!!!

I have finished up a stitchery that I need to decide what to do with as well as a bunch of prim daffodils (a pattern from Tennessee Ridge Primitives). They are my header pic. I love how they turned out!!! Besides that, I have been outside trying to decide what to plant this year. DH put the first few rows of sweet corn out few days ago. Now if the torrential rain we had last night didn't do it in.....I still have all of my wooden makeover projects lined up. No rest for the wicked they say. Speaking of "Wicked", we went to Toledo last week to see the off Broadway performance. It was AMAZING. We would love to go back, but I believe tickets are sold out. That is the first show I've seen like that and I am hooked!!!

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.



  1. love love love the new chandelier Melissa! as for the laundry room (that's where our litter box is too, LOL) I have a light that I got from Irvins Tinware ( and I think it would look great in a laundry room, it's shaped like a chandelier but it's a ceiling mount so it doesn't hang down on a chain or anything! I just visited their site and they currently have the fixture I'm referring to pictured on the lower right of their home's wood and tin and comes in different colors....have a look and see what you think!


  2. Hi Missy... I know what you say about your brightness. The other option would be for your maintance man Scott put on a dimmer switch... They are easy to install and I love the option of having the bight light if needed.... We were without power last night and Tom was bucketing water... All is well however...

  3. How about trying the light you
    took down, put a clear light
    bulb in it, to see how much
    light that would put out....
    Here's a site that sells lights


    Bear Hugs~Karen

  4. Check out for some lights. Jim has better prices.......I love your laundry area!!

    Laura :)

  5. I love the new light! I think another one would look great in that room also, I think that it would "flow" very well from one room to another. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love that fixture. Melissa :) I think it would look great in there!

  7. I love the chandelier. I cant see why you couldnt put one in that room as well. A smaller one of course. I made over two old brass chandeliers with a can of black spray paint and some berry rings and I love them!

  8. LOVE the new chandelier and I say go for another on in the laundry room. It is plenty big enough to take it!!

  9. Melissa, I love your new light, I am planning on getting the same one for my dining room - just got one for over my sink. Its beautiful! :)


Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate it!! Have a wonderfully prim day!!~~Melissa