Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Pinkeeps on Selling Blog

Good almost afternoon, everyone. Hope you are having good day so far. I am trying to keep busy as DH is on a plane headed back to the states from his mission trip. It will be good to hear his voice after a week and better yet for him to be safe at home. He is to be in Chicago tonight at 6:00 and then has the 3+ hour drive home. So anyway...back to staying busy. I just finished a couple of pinkeeps and have listed them on my selling blog. Please stop by and check them out if you get time. The link is on the left of this page. Now, back to work.

**Remember my giveaway drawing will be this Friday. If you haven't entered, please post a comment on the birthday post. Thanks** Good luck.

Take care.


  1. Hi Melissa, I hope your home makes it home safe and sound!!Myy hubby always has traveled for business and I was always so relieved when he got home after being away!!

  2. YAY...glad he's on his way back home!!
    ...a little prayer for safe travels goin up! :)

    Have a wonderful week, Melissa!

  3. I am sure hubby will glad to see you and the kids.... Makes you really appreciate what you have.... Have a wonderful eve. We are coming to Bryan tonight to girls game.

  4. Praying for safe travels in for your DH!!
    I know you must be so excited for him to be coming home!



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