Friday, April 19, 2019

Has Anyone Seen Spring?

Spring is the season that is supposed to give us warm days, sunshine and an abundance of ambition that we most times lack during the long never-ending winter least here in Ohio. Well, this spring has given us very little of these blessings.  We have had only  a handful of warm days to be outside freshening up flower beds and dragging all of the garden decor out of the little shed.  Most days have been so cloudy and windy it's not even fun to be out.  I have actually accomplished more spring cleaning this year than before.  Only a couple of more rooms.  I usually put it off because I like to have the house opened up a bit while I clean. Then poof, suddenly it's beautiful outside and I'm like it's way too nice outside to be inside cleaning!!!

We farm for a living and normally this time of year brings the tractors and planters out in full force.  They are sitting idle waiting for the weather to cooperate.  It has rained and rained and rained.  We have learned though that you never wish for the rain to stop only to slow down a bit to get the work in.  If you wish for it to stop, well, frankly we can go for weeks in the summer when we really need it without a drop!!!

I thought I would share a couple of my spring flower beds with you.  And my lonely little garden just waiting for herbs and tomatoes and such.  Notice the "cat path" leading from the garden to the house.  Heaven forbid the cats walk outside of the path!!

I have also added a couple of new summer listings to my Etsy shop. I have "punched tin" stars, American flag, and United States bowl fillers.  

I hope that wherever you are reading this from finds your spring days full of sunshine and warm temperatures.  In the meantime, I'll just wait impatiently for it to show up here!!  Have a wonderfully blessed Easter.  Thanks for taking time to stop by.



  1. I think spring was MIA only here in Nod.... After a brutal winter, we are all more than ready. We had 2 days of pretty heavy rains and that, with the melting snow (yes, we still have snow on the ground), has caused flooding in much of the area. Your daffodils and tulips are looking beautiful.... I’ve given up on any coming up here. Don’t know what happened because they’be come back for 30+ years, but surely they’d be poking their heads through by now I would think. Here’s to spring finding Ohio and Nod.... Happy Easter Melissa! ~Robin~

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