Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Kitchen is Done!!!!

Good morning!!  Hope you all are doing well today.  I have to apologize for letting you all hanging for so long with the finished pictures of the kitchen.  We were finishing things up just a few days before we left for vacation so I was frantically trying to get items put in the cupboards so we didn't return to so much chaos!  The decorating is very minimal in the pictures.  I should have taken a picture of the boxes of bowls, crocks, knick knacks, etc. that have to put out yet. That is in the plans for today.  Something tells me it may take longer!!
So begins your tour......this is the view from the family room.  Where the island begins, is approximately where the wall used to be.  I can't tell you how much I LOVE having the wall out.  It feels like I'm part of what is going on now even when I'm cooking.  This was a load bearing wall so I'm glad we were able to find someone who would tackle the job! We were originally going to angle the floor, but decided to extend it further into the family room and keep it straight across. 

The counter top and sink. We are to get a black faucet tomorrow when they come to finish the utility room.
I really am liking the double oven. The other night I used both of them at the same time. I had a wall oven before and wondered how I would like the actual stove/range combo.  So far it's good.  I still like the convenience of a wall oven but it's not like this is terrible.  Now, when I get all old and stooped over........that may be another story!!  I have been wanting a Kitchen Aid mixer as I am always burning up the hand held ones.  I have a Kohl's charge so I received a 30% coupon and used some Kohl's cash. It was on sale to begin with and there is a rebate through the end of March.  I was able to get it under half price.  Yeah......

The freezer on this fridge is great!  We were able to move our deep freeze which was in the utility room down to the basement.  This one is quite big so I am able to get much more in it than the old one. We have a fridge in the garage as well so it holds overflow items as well.  The deep freeze will hold meat and things I freeze as well as items we don't use too often. 

The light above the sink matches the one above the island.  Not sure if I'm going to do any curtains or not yet.  The bowl full of towels next to the sink was an idea from another blog.....can't remember who to give credit!!  Instead of using  paper towels to dry our hands, I have these in the bowl.  We just use them until they are too wet and then I toss them into a plastic basket under the sink.  When that's full I just wash them with bleach and they are nice and fresh.  It has really cut down on our paper towel usage.  Even with them sitting side by side.  I just used the wash cloth size bar mop cloths from Walmart. The blog had them in a  large covered glass jar that was really pretty too. 

This is the view from the utility room. Where the fridge is now, was where the table was that we always had to walk around to get through the kitchen.  Now it's a straight shot.  The cats love it!!  The bar stools are all black.  The back and legs are metal and the seat it painted wood.  We wanted ones that swiveled and these are really nice as they return to center so they aren't all turned different directions.  Something my OCD couldn't handle!!  They also have plastic protectors attached to the legs so they don't scratch at all and I don't have to constantly replace felt pads like I did with our kitchen chairs!!

I now have room for a display between the kitchen wall and bathroom door. This previously was the walkway into the family room.  I was afraid that by losing a wall, I would have to get rid of some furniture. So far, I have been able to rearrange and keep everything!!  I have been told though that we don't need anymore.  Hmmmmm.......that doesn't seem like a very fun idea!

Just a little arrangement on the island.  I found the bread board on EBay and was going to put it on the stove, but like it least for now!!   The spring tulips are my favorite along with the Sweet Tart jelly beans.  I need to put a lid on that so it's not so easy to walk by and grab one or two.....handfuls!!

Tomorrow, the cupboard makers are back to finish the utility room.  We are having a counter built over the washer and dryer. I will be back to show you some before and afters!!  Thank you so much for stopping by not only today, but each time.  Your time and comments mean so much!!