Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Good afternoon.  I have finally made it back to blogging after what has seemed like forever.  It seems I haven't had too much exciting going on to blog about.  I did have foot surgery a month ago and since I was sitting and unable to be up, I did catch up on many blogs and had some good quality stitching time.  Some of my work will be on Early Work Mercantile on the update April 1. 

The kids are home this week so I have begun some spring cleaning.  I like to get it done early so when it does get warm, I can get outside. Since my surgery, I am a bit behind.  I have only one room done. My son helped me clean his room and the girls have gone through closets.  
 It is amazing how much stuff accumulates.  I know I am definitely a "less is more" person now.  We have bags of things to donate.  It is a good feeling to pare down, isn't it??

I guess the next spring cleaning job to tackle is JoJo. When she goes outside, her first stop is any dirt spot she can find. Then she proceeds to roll in it until her white fur is brown.  When she comes back in, we have to get a wet towel and wipe her down.  Boy, she hates that!!  I took this picture of her yesterday before we had a chance to clean her off.  She looks a bit proud of herself don't you think?? And I wonder why the house doesn't stay clean for long.

Well, off to do some more cleaning.  Take care.