Monday, April 27, 2009

Laundry Room

Good morning. I hope you all had a nice weekend. The weather was very windy but warm here. Another day like it and then the bottom drops out again!! At least we are getting longer stretches of warm at a time.

I worked on a couple of things this weekend. My big project was stripping paint off an old cupboard I bought way last fall. Yes, Ann, I am finally getting around to it!!! I was just going to sand it and repaint, but I couldn't get it smooth enough so I had to strip off all 4 layers of paint. Once I get it finished, I will post pictures. I need to keep you in suspense. Plus if I know you are waiting on pictures, I should get it done faster. Hopefully.

The next project was my laundry/utility room. Since we bought a new washer and dryer a month ago, the outlets and water lines really show up. These styles don't have the part that comes up in the back with the controls on that hides things behind them. I have been trying to figure out what to do to hide all of that since there is no room for a shelf. This is the before.

A couple of weeks ago, Lisa posted about using flour sack cloths in her decorating. That made me start to think of how I could use them. Finally, I came up with the idea of putting a little clothes line in behind them. I made little ticking stockings to add to it as well. While working on the stockings, my daughter Emily asked what else I was going to put on it. I told her I wasn't sure and she said that a star garland would look cute. So upstairs I ran and found one in my stash. I put that on as well and just love the look. I guess she is a prim decorater in-training!! Here is how it turned out.

I made up the display on the dryer using old clothespins in a jar, soap in an enamelware bowl, and the light that I bought just last week at a garage sale. I guess it was just meant to be that I was to work in this room.

Here are a couple of the wall groupings that I have out there as well. I also have a shelf but am in the process of trying to change it around a little. There is an outlet right below it that I am trying to hide. I'll show you when I finish that.
I had to take the picture at an angle because the mirror kept reflecing the flash. I had a whole different display here including a printer's drawer on the far end. I was getting tired of the dust that it collected so I changed it to a sampler I had made. That didn't go with everything else so I changed the whole wall to this. I had bought the mirror a couple of months ago for here but the rest of the things are either redo's or items from some other place in the house. It went together very easily and I like how it turned out.

The last wall grouping I have to show you features a sign that I made a few years ago. It is from Create and Decorate. I still have the issue with my patterns if you want to know exactly which one it was. The washboard is from an auction last year. I like the little size.

Well, I have spent enough time playing this morning. I need to go get some actual work done. I hope you have enjoyed my laundry room tour. Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful day.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Makeovers

Hi, everyone. I hope you all are enjoying your day. It is warm and dry here today. We seem to be in a cycle of 3 rainy days and warmer nice weekends. I am hoping for a little less rain for awhile so we and the farmers around us can get the crops planted. We have to be careful when we pray for the rain to stop. It seems that in years past, it stops...all through summer also. This cycle we are in now would be great for everyone once the crops are in, but for now it is rather frustrating. We are thankful for the warm sun. My DH and kids did get part of their sweet corn patch planted last weekend. I joke that this is our big cash crop. Some of the money goes toward college funds. This is the second year that the kids are into helping--up early to pick and all. We are doubling the size of our patch and spreading the season out a little longer. I'll keep you all up to date on the progress.

I have a couple of makeovers to show you. They are items I picked up a few weeks ago and just now completed. The first is a candle holder. I really wanted one of these and found one at a garage sale. Here is the before:

I painted it black and applied gel stain. I also changed out the handle to a wooden one. I really like how it turned out. My biggest dilemma was trying to decide what color to paint it. Do any of you have that problem? I try to think what room I will put something in and go from there, but that doesn't always help either. Oh, well. Here is the after:

The next item came from the TS. Although the Noah's Ark theme was cute, it didn't quite fit the prim standard. I thought it was hand painted at first so I felt bad painting over it. I soon got over that when I noticed the made in China sticker on the bottom.

Again, the dilemma of paint color. I decided I wanted to use it to store office things in on our desk. I have been wanting to add mustard to the navy in the den so I thought this was a good place to start. I'm sure Noah would be proud. (lol)

I also found a couple of neat prim things at a garage sale yesterday. Both for $5 and the best part is that they are all done and ready to put out. I have a spot in mind for the tray. I'll show you next time.

Lastly, I'll leave you with another picture of JoJo. She would probably not be pleased with this photo, but we tell her she has to be a lady. This picture does not reflect that message!!!

Have a great evening. Thanks for stopping by!!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Pineapple and Fly Screen

Hello from sunny warm Ohio. I haven't been able to say that for quite a while. It is so nice today and tomorrow is to be better. Yeah. I just have a few minutes and wanted to post a couple of redos. You can see the before pics in my last post. I painted and gel stained the pineapple. Looks so much better. I made my fly screen as well. I just love it. Now I can be like all of you who have one!!!! Finally, I made a pantry cake. I had that really neat German mold to make it in. Well, the star doesn't really show up but the shape and size are good. I'm fairly happy with it. Do those of you who make them roll them in spices while they are still a little damp or wait till they dry all the way? I waited, but wasn't sure. The cutting board they are on is also a make over. I just bought another today at a garage sale. Can't pass them up.

I also wanted to show you my Primitive kitty, JoJo. She took a minute to pose in the Primitive box out on my porch. She must be trying to tell me I need to get things on the porch arranged now that it is nice.

Hope you all have a good weekend. Thanks for stopping by.


Monday, April 13, 2009

New Finds

Good afternoon. It has been cold and windy today and it has just started to rain. Ugh!!!!! I had good intentions of getting some more spring cleaning done, but with this weather, I can't get too enthused. So instead, I went to Goodwill, a TS, and an antique mall today. I must say I did pretty well. I was in search of a strainer for a fly screen that you all seem to have made. I have been searching high and low with no avail....until today. Yeah, I found one in the antique store for only $2. I snatched it up pretty quick. As I was walking up to pay, I spotted a shiny silver mold sitting on a shelf that I had overlooked before. I went over to check it out and decided it would be perfect for a pantry cake mold. I have some tin jello molds that were my grandma's that I was going to use, but........ As you can see, it has the coolest star on top and I LOVE stars. It was less than $4. Pretty good for that also. I found the blue whatever it is there also. I kept looking at it and trying to decide if I liked it or not. The handle is kinda weird. I guess I could hide the handle behind crocks or something else. Finally, I decided to get it. Don't know if I will keep it that color or change it. I am going to put a grungy tea light in the little jelly jar. I had found some at an auction last year and did some like it for a show that my friend Ann and I did in the fall. They sold really well. I didn't keep any for me. What was I thinking??? The pineapple came from the TS. I plan to paint it to make it more primitive.
My best find of the day came from Goodwill. Our Goodwill has been closed since Christmas due to a leaky roof. They have temporarily relocated the store and it opened back up today. I had so many things to take in for donations, that I decided to go in today. They didn't have a lot of home things out but back on the table was a little wooden bowl filled with stuff. I picked it up not thinking too much about it, flipped it over and saw the marking Munising!! I couldn't believe it. It was only $2. I have never found anything old like that before so I was so excited. There was a man in there looking also that I know buys antiques. Either he didn't see it or maybe it is not as neat as I think. Either's mine now. It is a little shinier from varnish than what I like. I can deal with it.

I also bought a little footstool, but forgot to take a picture. So overall it was a very good day for me. Nothing like a few good bargains to brighten a dreary day. Well, gotta go get some laundry done and pick the kids up. We have a long lane and it is raining buckets right now. It will save them from getting soaked and me from having to clean up any mud that is tracked in. Thanks for stopping by and I will try to make something out of my finds and post soon. Bye.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

House Pictures

Hi, there. Hope you are all doing well. I finally have gotten around to taking pictures of the outside of the house. The weather is cooperating at least for today. I was trying to get a few of the older pictures posted so you could see a before and after. For some reason, I can't find them in my photo gallery. If you want to see before, you'll need to check out my Feb posts. Sorry. Here are a few of the after:

We had three attic windows in the house. Instead of paying to replace them, we opted to go with the vents. We think it looks just as nice.

The back door:

The bow window was one we didn't replace. We had several years ago. The fence underneath has bittersweet growing on it. Last fall was the first time in about 3 years that I had any berries. I didn't bloom the first year, got frosted out the second, and then finally last year...berries. Yeah!!! I hope this year will be even better.

The front porch steps. The middle one was completely crumbled apart. We had a mason come out to fix it. Well, the whole house has much of this foundation as well as the front porch,so all of it was redone and sealed. They did such a good job, you have trouble telling where it was fixed.

That's it for now. I haven't done any redoing this week. The kids are home for spring break so they have been helping me clean their rooms. It is amazing how much stuff three kids can accumulate. I'm off to do some more. Thanks for stopping by.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Eye Candy Books

Good morning. I was going to post this last night but forgot. I picked these books up at the library yesterday. I only looked through one so far but WOW are they neat. It is a whole series. I only got these three for now-The Needle Arts, Country Style, and Country Collections , but will check out the others soon. They are American Country Books by Time Life. I can't wait to sit down and really go through them.
I have added a few things to my eBay listings. I was going to do a selling blog, but will go the eBay route for a while yet. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter Decor

Good Friday evening! I hope you are all winding down from your week by doing something that you love to do. I wanted to post a few of my Easter settings around the house. With only a week left, it's a good thing I finally got around to it. Better late than never!!! This little Easter tree has ornaments that I made a couple of years ago. It is from a pattern by Buttermilk Basin. I made my tree by putting sticks in a star can with floral foam in the bottom. Then covered the foam with paper shreds. I have it sitting in our dry sink behind the couch. The dry sink also doubled as a changing station for our three kids.

The next setting features a bunny and some carrots I made last year. It is a pattern by Tennessee Ridge Primitives. The black bowl is a garage sale makeover. It is next to a candle stand given to me by my SIL.

The last one is on our kitchen table. The wooden bowl has eggs I made to go with the above set. I painted them navy blue. They started out tan but they reminded me of potatoes so I started over. The yellow ware eggs were a purchase I made. I bought them with intentions of making more. I never got around to it. Maybe someday. The little wax bunny in the front looks like a real chocolate bunny. The lady I bought it from said her friends grandson actually took a bite out of hers!!! The beautiful bunny next to it comes from Janae at Cozy Coops Corner. She has such nice things. Thanks, Janae!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!! Thanks for stopping by.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bunny & Egg Garland

Hello, friends. I just finished reading several of your blogs, and you all amaze me at how much you get done and all of the neat ideas. It's like opening up a new magazine everyday. LOVE it!!! I forgot to take pictures of my Easter things last night. I like the look at night better so I will try to remember to take them tonight. I finished two projects. The first is a sampler, but I need to get a frame ready for it before I show it to you. Stay tuned:) The next one is a Bunny & Egg Garland. It is a pattern by Jackie Schmidt at T.F.C. Folk Art. I just love it. It was really quick and easy. My type of craft. I made too many bunnies and eggs so I will be listing one on ebay this afternoon.

While spring cleaning my kitchen (one of the few rooms done), I switched a couple of shelves around. This was in our family room, but I think I like it in the kitchen better. It goes better with the blue in the wallpaper. I don't have anything on top yet. I want something that won't break if it falls. Gotta go for now. Have a great evening. ~Melissa~